Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Using up Designer Paper Packs in Scrapbooking and Using Washi Tape!

Part of my New Year's Resolutions in crafting, is to use my supplies that I have on hand.  I have TONS of  Designer Series Paper that I hoard collect.  Using up some of those paper packs is one of my New Year's resolutions.  Using what I have on hand!  Now of course that doesn't mean I won't buy any new paper or supplies...:) but using what I have more regularly!   I know I am not the only one that has left over Designer Series Paper that we have fallen out of love with.  Maybe it isn't our style anymore?  Or colors that we don't use that much?  My goal was to use up some of my papers!  This paper pack is older.  And for me, very bright.  I don't normally use paper this bright.  For me, I normally use really bright pieces in bits so that they don't overwhelm me. As soon as I saw this paper, I knew I had the perfect picture for it. 
Sometimes the colors within the photo leads me right to the colors to use.  This paper was a perfect match for my son and my niece's soccer jerseys!  The banners on the paper were perfect to celebrate a win for both players!!!
I had a banner framelit that I used to create the background for the title and added some stickers!

The circle punches were a great way to use of scraps of this paper pack and get some more color on the page.  I added bakers twine to the buttons because I don't like buttons without anything in them, my girlfriend calls them naked buttons.....yup, I don't like naked buttons either!....am I the only one?? 

The horizontal strip (blue and white stripes) is actually two strips of  washi tape with a sticker covering the seam of the two strips.  I love that it was a great match in color and got to use some of my washi tape up!!! Do you use washi tape to make a layer on your project??
How do you use up your DSP?  It makes me very happy to see the last scrap of paper being used from a pack!  I love getting my moneys worth out of a pack!!  What is your crafting New Year's Resolutions??
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Happy New Year!!!!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Brother Scan N Cut Quick Review and a sneak peek at the Spring Occasions Catalog from Stampin' Up

Santa was good to me!!!  He brought me a Brother Scan N Cut machine.  I am thrilled to try out this machine.  I have a cricut that I have invested a lot of money in carts for it.  I like my cricut but I do have to say, I don't use it much.  I am always glad when I get it off the shelf that I have it. And I do have a very big variety of carts to choose from.  But it is heavy- I have the expression, and time consuming to find the cart I need.  So, I don't use it that much.
I also have a Big Shot and a Big Shot Pro.  I love both machines but due to the way my craft items are stored, there is no permanent place for the Big Shot Pro so it RARELY if EVER comes off the shelf....WAY to heavy to lift back and forth. (44 pounds!!!)  I use my Big Shot on nearly every project I do.  I don't believe this Scan n Cut will replace any of my machines, but that's not why I bought it.  I bought it for the simple Scan to Cut feature.  Yes, I am Michelle, and I HATE fussy cutting!!!!  There I said it!!!  I never like any stamps that I have to fussy cut myself.  I don't like the way it looks. But  I want to fussy cut out my stamps out!  I love framelits!  I have tons of framelits.  But I am limited to only those framelits that have matching stamps.  What about the stamp sets  that don't have matching framelits?    And this is why I bought the machine!!!  (yes, the machine can do more!!!)
I will say that ease of use for any machine is a must for me!  I don't want to dig out my computer to cut an image, I don't want to turn it into a different file to cut.  That's to much like work for me.  I want to sit down and craft.  So....within 8 minutes....yes 8 minutes...and that included taking it out of the box...I was cutting a stamped image!!!!

I used a scrap piece of Whispering White card stock to stamp some images on, and to see how easy it was to cut out.....without reading directions!!!!!
8 minutes!!!!  
I cut these cute little guys out- these are from a stamp set coming up in the Spring Occasions catalog from Stampin' Up.  I Loved this set!!!  This was basic stamping....just Basic Black ink on WW cardstock.  (I'll try some colored images soon!)

For the fox- I use 0 margins.  It did a good job cutting even on the small legs.  I like a margin around my cut items but this would be good if you need 0 margins. 

For the bunny, I used the lowest margin setting- and it gave me a nice border on the bunny.  This would probably be the setting I use the most.  It is super easy to set and change so no problems there. 

I used the same setting to cut out the raccoon....isn't he adorable!!!!???
Overall, this is an easy machine to use.  Very user friendly.  I didn't read directions to do this.  A++ in my book.  There are a lot more features the machine can do- so be on the look out for more posts to come! 
If this was all this machine could do...I would be thrilled.  There is more that I need to learn...and maybe read the directions on!!!  LOL!!! 
For me, this is really going to get the use out of all my stamp sets that I hoard, collect!!!  I can use them more and make my own embellishments with them.  This is really get the use out of my stamps especially in scrapbooking!!!!  I won't  need to buy a sticker package ever  again!!!!
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This post was edited to link to the newer version of the Scan N Cut.
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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Organizing and Using up Scraps in your layouts! Sweater Weather Designer Series Paper!

One of the best things I did was to organize all my designer series paper.  I did a post on my organization:
The best thing about my organization is that I stick all my scraps from the paper packs right back into the paper pouches, so I have all the scraps right with the paper pack.  I loved the Sweater Weather Designer Paper.  I used it and used it!  Literally I was down to scraps!
This is the layout that I was able to create with just scraps left!

I don't use flowers on my layouts normally but these were great to add a little pop to my layout and still boyish! 

When I have just a little bit of scraps left over, banners are my go to design!! 

I was even able to use some of my pompom trim that I had left in my stash.  I used some left over alpha stickers to add the name and year to my layout.  
Easy and fast!  And best of all, uses up what I had!!! Items used:
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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Big Shot Pro & His little brother the Big Shot!

The question comes up often, what die cutting machine should I get.  It depends on what you are wanting to do with your machine.  Two of the options are the Big Shot Pro and the regular Big Shot.  I am doing this post today because there are lots of questions about the Big Shot Pro. 

I will start by saying, I love BOTH of these machines.  They are both well made and very useful.  This is a side by side comparison.  YES, the Pro is that much bigger!!!  The Big Shot Pro is able to handle 12X12 pieces of paper.  It weighs close to 44 pounds!  YES, you read that correctly.....44 pounds!!!  For me, this is a problem because I don't have a dedicated space for my Big Shot Pro.  I have to keep it up on a shelf in my kids' playroom.  Lugging it on and off the shelf does get old!!! FAST!!!  But if you have a space in your craftroom to set it up and keep it there, the weight is nice because it is sturdy and well made.  It does not slide around at all!!

Another comparison picture, the Big Shot sitting on his big brother's lap!!!

The BSP can handle all of the large dies and nesties on the market.  It will do from the smallest up to the biggest. 

The BSP comes with a crease pad, a base ( a little different than the multipurpose platform that the Big Shot comes with) A top plate, and two shims.  It is harder for me to make the sandwiches on the BSP because I lack the multipurpose platform.  I have heard that it is now available for the BSP. Since I really use this machine for things that I can't do with my Big Shot, I don't know if I will buy the multipurpose platform for my BSP.  If this is your only die cutting machine, I would get the multipurpose platform for it.  Save yourself some time and paper!!!

These are two new dies I got for my BSP.  These are envelope dies for A6 and A7 cards!  I am thrilled to get these.  Honestly, I have watch a hundred videos (okay maybe a stretch...but a LOT) on how to make your own envelopes.  I follow directions, and mine turn out AWFUL!!!!  This was a great investment for me!  I don't always make A6 or A7 cards but now I will always have an envelope for them when I do!!!!  Dies for the BSP are investments.  I don't have a lot of dies for it because the dies are normally about $50.  I only buy them on sale or clearance because my price break on dies is about $30-$35.  That's all I want to spend on them.  

This is the BSP with the envelope die on it, it takes a full 12X12 piece of paper.  Some of the larger dies, are on the die at an angle.  This comes into play if you have stripes on your paper, something to keep in mind.  Since I am using cheap scrap paper for my envelopes, I don't worry about this.  I just need a good light colored side to write on, and let the pattern be on the inside of the envelope.  This is a good way to use up those prints that you don't like!!!

This is how the envelope comes out, crease lines are already there, so I just fold on the lines, add some adhesive and we are good to go with a nice envelope!!!

This is where the die being on an angle can mess you up.  Since this is for the inside of the card, I won't fuss with it!  But something to keep in mind, when you are using the larger dies!

This compares a standard BSP die to an extended die for the Big Shot, a die that you need to use the extended pads for.  The extended pad is longer than the 12X12 die.

Another view of the same two dies. 

This is a comparison of a standard BSP die and a standard Big Shot die.  If space is an issue, this is something to keep in mind!  Even the dies for the Pro are BIG!!!

Overall, both machines are good machines.  Both machines will cut the small dies, the standard dies, most nesties (except the Grands), framelits, and  handle embossing folders.  The BSP will handle all that PLUS the Pro dies and the Grand nesties.  There is a rumor that 12X12 embossing folders are going to be available for the BSP.  This would be a big plus for scrapbookers, BUT don't get to excited because they were supposed to be out last year!! So maybe it is just a rumor???  The BSP does it all.  It is a one stop machine. 
If I had to choose, I would choose my Big Shot.  For two reasons:  it is lighter and easier to make the sandwiches for the dies.  I use my Big Shot on almost EVERY project I do.  My BSP comes off the shelf about once every six months.  The BSP is about $300 but deals can be found!  Even with deals, it is at a high price point.   The Big Shot is a lot cheaper!  I bought mine at 50% at Stampin' Up with my qualifying order.  Overall, most people don't need the BSP.  The BSP is not portable.  At all.  I take my Big Shot with me to crops with no problems!  I have both, I love both but I do use my Big Shot more.  I think the Big Shot is more versatile and useful for everyday crafting.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Madness!!!!

It is Christmas Madness I tell ya~!!!!
I haven't blog in a little bit because like many of you, I am covered up in the craziness called Christmas!!! I am still not done shopping- can you believe that!!!  I am normally done by now.  Nope, still have more to do.  My middle son's birthday is tomorrow so I have that to do as well.  (at least I have bought his gifts!!! and wrapped them!!). 
So much to get done!  So little time.  I have been crafting as well.  I did a craft show two weekends ago.  It went well.  At the craft show, I got some orders for Advent Calendars- 6 of them!!!  Way to go me....BUT....more crafting to do!  I am done with them now.  I am focusing on shopping and wrapping and cooking now!  I promise I will have more projects up soon.  And I will share some of my calendars too!  So fun to make and each one is different! 
What is your holiday craziness?  Done shopping?  Wrapping?  Cooking?

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Monstermaniacs Birthday Card

Have you ever bought a stamp set and weren't really sure what or how you would use it?  It was just so stinkin' cute??!!!!!  Yup, that's what I did with the new Monstermaniacs stamp set.  Those monsters were just so cute- I had to order it!!! 

This was such a quick fun card to do!  I used the I Am Me Designer Series Paper.  This has been one of my favorite papers of all time!  I love the colors!!!
When I got out my Monstermaniacs stamp set and sat down to play with it, I immediately saw a fun and cute Birthday card!  I love the little guy!  He seemed to scream HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me!!  This was a simple for fun card to make!  

I love this Yippee-Skippee stamp set- so much fun!

Sorry about the shadow but one of my favorite things is my custom stamp from Stampin' Up.  You can have a custom stamp made with anything you like- as long as it fits into the number of characters allowed.  I made one with my Stampin' Up store information on it!  Contact me to order your own custom stamp!
Items used on this card:
All current Stampin' Up items can be found at my online store:
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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Easy Gift Card Holders Using the Envelope Punch Board

All my readers know how much I love my envelope punch board!  I needed a to make some gift card holders for a craft fair.  I was looking online for ideas when I came across a picture on pinterest.  As it happens on pinterest, the link was broke but someone had made a comment on the link about uses for the envelope punch board.  OMG!!!  How could I forget my favorite tool?!?!!!  I was looking at making all these special cuts directions to make a gift card holder.  How silly when the envelope punch board does all the work for me!!!!  This project is not my original idea but it is so great- I had to share it with my readers!  So quick and easy!  Make your gift cards REALLY stand out from the rest of the pack!!!!

How cute is this Santa's belt gift card holder.  Don't stress if you don't have the exact punches....you could substitute another size of square punch or you could use a scalloped square punch instead of a the curly label punch!

Using the envelope punch board, you make the smallest envelope on the board- starting with a 5"X5" piece of Real Red cardstock.  The easiest part is the directions are right on the board- you measure to 2" inches- punch and score.  You measure ONCE....then on the other sides, you simply match up to your score lines and punch and score from those lines!  EASY!!!

I like to trim off the bottom piece of my envelope a bit so that it doesn't stick out at the top. 

I used sticky strip to assemble my envelope.

One of my favorite parts of the envelope punch board is that it has a corner rounder built right in!  I like to round my corners on the envelopes.  

For the belly band, I used a strip of Basic Black cardstock cut at 3/4".

Glimmer Paper adds the bling to this simple gift card holder!  
Add a square of Basic Black cardstock on top of the glimmer paper and you are done!!!  EASY right?!!!!!

I love to take an idea and run with it so I dug in my stamps and looked for stamps that would work to make other varieties.  I love the Naughty or Nice stamp out of Very Merry Tags stamp set!  So cute!!!
This is a great project to use up old Designer Series Paper packs or even scraps.  You only need a 5"X5" piece of paper- you can use scraps for the belly bands! 
I even made a couple of birthday card holders!  I am hooked on this idea for using those scraps!!
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Items used:

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