Saturday, December 29, 2012

Crazy People Layout

Ever get the perfect picture....and some crazy person ends up in the background??!!!  LOL!!!  This is my son Jesse, and the crazy person is my friend, Rhonda.  This was last year at Thanksgiving.  We go to her house and enjoy Thanksgiving.  No one has to make the WHOLE dinner as we all bring a dish or two to share.  SSSSOOO much better than making everything!!  Love it!  The kids enjoy playing together and the adults enjoy just relaxing and chatting!  I loved this picture!  Jesse had the perfect smile and unbeknown to him, Rhonda in the background!!!  LOL!!!

I loved the letters that went with the Simple Stories paper line.  They worked for this title perfectly! 
I liked the stickers that looked like Washi tape that went with this paper pack.  Very fun!
It just makes me giggle every time I look at this picture!
These are my favorite layouts to do.  I love the fun pictures and just having fun with the title.  Hope you enjoyed!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Field trip 2 Page Layout

I am so excited that today is Friday. It means I have the whole weekend to craft and also have Monday and Tuesday as holidays!!  I have tons of ideas going through my head!!  Can't wait to get started!
Today I am sharing a two page layout.  I tend to do more one page layouts only because I love scrapping those odd pictures.  I normally have only one or two of them so they make perfect one page layouts.  Today's layout was perfect for a two pager because it was of a field trip with my son's class. 
Sorry about the wonky photo, I was getting a lot of glare off the photos so I had to do this on an angle.  This is my middle son Owen's class trip.  He loved the monkeys so he wanted me to get his picture take with the monkey.  I think I took 20 shots to get one with him AND the monkey in the same shot. 
This layout was using Simple Stories paper line.  All the stickers came from the paper pack as well! 
Thanks for stopping by today!  Take a second and follow my blog if you don't already!  I love visitors!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

More Clearance items!!!

Once again, Stampin' Up has updated their clearance rack.  Some great items have been added!!

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Stampin' Up online shopping!

Happy Shopping!!
Feel free to ask me if you have any questions!!

Christmas hangover and a quick layout!!!

I hope everyone had a GREAT Christmas.  I feel like the Christmas hangover!!  The house is a mess, the kids keep opening up Christmas presents and putting them together, leaving the stuff laying all around!!  UGH!!!  I can't craft in disorganization!!!  LOL!!  I need CLEAN areas.....before I mess them up with pieces of paper and glitter!!!  :)
Sharing a quick layout today.  This was just a silly random photo that I took of me and the two little ones out to lunch one day.  I love my iphone!  These are the little moments that I don't miss and take out my phone (because it is always with me) and snap away!  I loved Jesse's face here because he was being totally goofy and happy!!

I wanted to use up some paper that I had.  Pink is the hardest color for me to use because with three boys, I don't use pink often.  I feel like if *I* am in the picture, pink is okay!  I need to get over that don't I??!!!  Anyways, this used up some of my Basic Grey stash.  There isn't any journaling because there really isn't a story to be told, other is JUST US!!!  :)
Using up some of the stickers out of the paper pack.  Sometimes I have to get creative to use up more of the letters or numbers.  Heck, it's the I need more?!!!
Now that Christmas is over, and I can get back to crafting and blogging!!  I have to plan my January card class and also start on my Valentine's day crafts.  Those are my next two projects.  What are your next projects to get done???

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!!!

I wanted to take the time to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!!!!  Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Got boys? Got mud!!! A dirty Scrapbook Layout!!

As most of you know, I have three boys.  Due to this, I have TONS of pictures of my kids dirty.  I love the quote that says "boys= a noise with dirt on it". Yup, that's them!!!!  These pictures were texted to me from my husband.  Apparently, the boys were driving the bobcat around the shop.  One wanted to drive, one didn't want the other one to drive, and one was just making SOMEHOW...the keys got lost in a large mud puddle.  When I say large, I mean a mud puddle as big as a dump truck.  SOMEONE, who know one admits to it, threw the kids at their brother and said brother didn't catch them...and the keys ended up in the mud puddle.  Well, if anyone knows equipment, those keys are expensive!!  So after buying several husband told the boys, they needed to find the keys.  Well, they had to go INTO the mud puddle!!!  Which I believe lead to a mud puddle fight...this was the end result....oh and they never found the keys either!!!  GEESH!!!!

I used a Simple Stories paper line.  I love all their papers!  I love being able to cut out different elements. 
I loved this postcard.  I cut it out and distressed the edges.  I loved making up the address!!!  It also have some "dirt" stickles on it!!
Ever had the problem that you love both sides of the paper?  Which one to use?  Folding down the corner of the paper is a neat trick to get both prints on your layout!  I love the brushed bronze buttons from Stampin' Up holiday catalog.  This catalog will be going away January 1st!  If there is something you like, order quickly!!!  We may not see these items again!!! 
Hope you enjoyed!!!  I love pictures that are of my boys all dressed up, but these type of pictures are my favorite to scrap! There is always a story to tell.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Using those pictures!!! Atlanta Layout

Happy Friday!  Such a busy time of year!  I still have presents to wrap!  Saturday is my big wrapping day!  I will be wrapping ALL day long...yea me.  Can you tell I don't like wrapping?  I still need to go to the grocery store.  So much to get done!  Okay, enough stress...........Scrapbooking is relaxing!  :)
How many of you have pictures that you took on a trip or event, just laying around.  They aren't pictures of loved ones, that we would scrap right away!  But pictures of something....THING....which is what tricks me up.  I have some pictures from trips that I took that are just that, pictures of things or places.  Those pictures are harder for me to scrap.  I finally decided to sit down and scrap some of them.  This is one of the layouts I did.
These pictures were from the behind the scenes tour of the Atlanta Aquarium.  I love love love the Aquarium!!!  For the most part, I wanted to tell the story of the Octopus that lives at the Aquarium.  It was a great story that our guide told us.   I wanted to keep the layout simple but using up some paper in my paper packs as well.  Ripping and tearing always works!!!

What pictures are the hardest for you to scrap??? 
Okay, back to the Christmas grind for me!!!  The elves work is never done! :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Some people just don't get it!!!!

I am up today with a fun silly layout.  The funniest part of this layout is that my husband has NO IDEA what the title means!!!  This is my husband's truck.  His much loved baby.  There were less than 300 produced and many of those are overseas.  Since we own big trucks, he is used to driving BIG.  This is a BIG truck but it is his personal vehicle.  He drives it everyday.  I had taken this picture at our farm and just thought it was a good picture so why not scrap it???
While looking at the picture, the line from Dirty Dancing popped in my mind.  "No one puts Baby in the corner".  It was such a corny line.  But don't we all remember it??!!  My husband was home schooled as a kid.  He was home schooled before home schooling was accepted and common.  He didn't watch much tv as a kid.  He has never watched The Brady Bunch!!!!  LOL!!!  My sister and I find this VERY funny!!!!  We watched the Brady Bunch parody movie once, and my husband didn't find it funny.....because he didn't get all the jokes!!! 
I showed him this layout, he looks at the picture of his truck, studies it a minute and then said "what the heck does that mean??", talking about the title.  I laughed my butt off!!!  Of course, I tried to explain but he didn't get it...because he hasn't ever watched Dirty Dancing either!!!  GEESH!!!!  I thought my "No one Parkz Baby in a Corner" was a silly and fun play on that!  Well, at least I thought it was fun!!!! 
I used the Stampin' Up Tasteful Trims die.  I have to say this is one of my favorite dies of all times!  So many uses!  I think this was a scrap piece.  I was using up some Basic Grey paper that I had.  I think the zig zag helps break up some of the prints.
Ripping and tearing are some of my favorite techniques!  So easy but so much fun!!!
Hope you enjoyed!  Have a great HUMP day!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

First Time EVER!!!!

For the first time ever, Stampin' Up is offering clearance retired stamps!  If you missed a stamp the first time around, this is a great time to grab it while you can!!! 
The clearance rack also has some other great items as well: paper, individual markers, ink pads, tools, embellishments, brads, buttons!!!!!  So many great DISCOUNTED items!!!  Things are selling out, so be sure to head over to the clearance rack as soon as possible!!!
Happy Shopping!!!!

Clearance Rack: Stamps!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Simple Christmas Layout

This is a layout using up some left over pieces of my paper pack.  I always find it easier to add a solid piece of paper to help break up my pattern paper.
  This is pictures from last Christmas and our rescued cat, Sammy.  Sammy came from a wild environment.  She was one of MANY kittens that were being created from an environment of barn cats.  Our much loved cat, Oscar had recently been put down after 16 years!  Owen, my middle son, was very very upset.  We told him that he could get another cat.  He said he wanted a black with white cat.  One of our friends came across this cat in a barn.  She knew the owner didn't like cats so the chances of this cat living long was slim.  This cat was the only one of many that didn't run away from her.  She was able to get the cat and put her in a carrier.  She bought the cat up to our house to see if Owen was interested in her.  YES he was!!!!  No, she wasn't the black with white cat that Owen wanted, but he instantly fell in love with her.  He named her Sammy.  We kept Sammy in our sunroom for about three weeks.  She was doing well, never had an accident, very social and playful.  She was not scared or timid around the boys.  We took her to the vet.  After a clean bill of health and shots and a later appointment to have her fixed, Sammy was officially OURS!!!!  
After three weeks, I thought, why not bring her in the house and see how she does.  We haven't looked back!!!  This was her first Christmas!  She has been a great cat.  I often find her laying asleep with one of the boys! 
I noticed the bow moved on me to cover up Sammy's face.  Sorry, it normally is sitting straight!!!  The Merry banner is a stamp that I stamped and embossed in black and fussy cut it out.
I love using twine!!!!  If you don't know what your layout needs, it probably needs some twine!!!  :)
I have the hardest time using clear overlays.  I have found that I can use them in small pieces.  This was the perfect spot for the overlay, using it as a ribbon strip.
Hope you having a good Christmas season so far!  How many are all done with their Christmas shopping???  I think I am about 97% done.  I have two stores that I need to hit this week and I should be done.  Hopefully.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Stickles- added dimension to your layouts!

Overall, I love stickles!  Stickles are great to add some sparkle to your card or layout without a lot of mess.  Glitter and I are not friends.  When I use glitter, I end up with glitter on me, on the floor, on the cat, in my hair, and pretty much glitter anything within 50 feet of my work area.  Stickles is a great option for those that are not good with glitter!!!  I had this great paper from Simple Stories that had faint map lines on them.  It was perfect for this layout about our trucks!  I wanted to bring more attention to the map grid lines.  Stickles was a great way to do this!  
Simple Stories a great paper line because the paper packs come with so many accessories, stickers and pages that you can cut up and make your own embellies with!  
I did the journaling on scraps left over!  Perfect!!! 
Overall, I liked how the layout turned out.  I think the stickles adds the extra bit that the layout needed.  It was a quick layout!
Thanks for visiting today!!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Clearance Rack UPDATED!!!!

There over 300 new items added to the clearance rack at Stampin' Up.  Markers, ink pads, card stock, stamps, embossing folders, brads, embellishments, ribbon...oh my!!!  The list goes on and on!!!!  RUN!!!!  GREAT buys!!!!! 

You may click on the link to shop through my online store:

Clearance Rack!!!!

Another version of the snowflake card

When I went on the retreat in November, we did several make and takes.  One of them was a quick and easy snowflake card.  I blogged about it here:
  It was so simple but pretty!!!  I wanted to try it with a bigger card- this one is a 5X7 card.  I wanted to try it with different inks as well.  I love the effect of using your clear block.  You ink it up  and stamp it directly on the paper first.  I used So Saffron ink for the clear block stamp.  This takes a little getting used to so use a scrap piece of paper to practice first.  When I was done, I simply cleaned my clear block off with stamp cleaner and it was back to new again!!!  Then I stamped the snowflakes in Midnight Muse which is my favorite blue color!  I misted over the images with some glimmer mist that I made from the glimmer paint and Stampin' Up misters!    Add some bling to the snowflakes and you are done!!!  How simple is that??!!!!  You can add ribbon to this card or keep it simple and plain!!!  This is a great card to mail since it is mostly flat!
I think this technique could be used for other stamps and other colors!!!  I will play around with this again one day!!!!
Hope you enjoyed!!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Coredination embossed Christmas tree card

Have I told you how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE the coredinations card stock from Stampin' Up???  I had used coredinations card stock previous so I knew that I would like it. I ordered all three exclusive colors in the Holiday catalog!!!  This is the cherry Cobbler Coredinatations cardstock.  (Early Expresso coredinations looks fab with a wood grain embossing folder!!).  And here's a hint...there are three new EXCLUSIVE coredinations colors coming in the new Spring catalog!!!!!  Guess who loves them ALL??!!!!!!  The spring catalog will be available for order on January 3rd!!! 
Someone asked for examples for a quick and simple Christmas cards.  This is a great example!!!  The embossing folder did most of the work for this card!  The embossing folder was one that I picked up at a big box store.  The coredinations cardstock did the other part of the work!!  You simple emboss the paper with the folder, and then lightly sand your embossed image.  Simple, quick and easy!!!!  I added some of the sweater trim ribbon from Stampin' Up.  I love this ribbon!  It looks so warm and snugglie for those winter projects!!!  I added some Crystal Effects to the ornaments on the tree and for the star on top!  I used the old olive cardstock and crumb cake cake stock which are my favorite Christmas color combos! 
Hope you enjoyed!!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wondrous Wishes Christmas card

After being sick, working in my kids' school, getting caught back up at work, I am BLOGGING today!!!  Finally!!!!  I am over 20,000 visits!!!!  Amazing!!!  Thank you for all that come and visit!!!! 
Today I am sharing a Christmas card using the Wondrous Wishes Stampin' Up stamp set.  (item #126297)  I saw this set in the Holiday catalog and it was love at first site!!!  It just screams vintage to me!  It is a great stamped image to color as well!  I tried to make this card as vintage as I could so lots of inking the edges!!! 
This is the inside of the card which uses the sentiment with the Wondrous Wishes stamp set. 
Papers used: Cherry Cobbler, Old Olive, Festival of Prints Designer Series paper stack, Very Vanilla
Products used:  SU chevron embossing folder, scalloped circle punch, circle punch, dimensionals
One of my favorite sets!!!  What is your favorite Christmas stamp set?
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