Friday, December 21, 2012

Using those pictures!!! Atlanta Layout

Happy Friday!  Such a busy time of year!  I still have presents to wrap!  Saturday is my big wrapping day!  I will be wrapping ALL day long...yea me.  Can you tell I don't like wrapping?  I still need to go to the grocery store.  So much to get done!  Okay, enough stress...........Scrapbooking is relaxing!  :)
How many of you have pictures that you took on a trip or event, just laying around.  They aren't pictures of loved ones, that we would scrap right away!  But pictures of something....THING....which is what tricks me up.  I have some pictures from trips that I took that are just that, pictures of things or places.  Those pictures are harder for me to scrap.  I finally decided to sit down and scrap some of them.  This is one of the layouts I did.
These pictures were from the behind the scenes tour of the Atlanta Aquarium.  I love love love the Aquarium!!!  For the most part, I wanted to tell the story of the Octopus that lives at the Aquarium.  It was a great story that our guide told us.   I wanted to keep the layout simple but using up some paper in my paper packs as well.  Ripping and tearing always works!!!

What pictures are the hardest for you to scrap??? 
Okay, back to the Christmas grind for me!!!  The elves work is never done! :)

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  1. Hey Michelle. great layout love the papers and the tearing affects you did to the paper. I just bought more paper that I order online. If you seen my blog I have a video and at the end of it. I show what I bought. I have the hardest time trying to find out how to use the paper with my photos. But sometimes always find ways to make it work. I'm probably going to wait until after Christmas to scrap more layouts. I been typing up stories for my heritage album to put in the book. I just printed one out the ohter day. I'm almost finish with the book just got couple more layouts to do and put some stories insdies the book. Then it start the process all over agin on the other two heritages books. Have a good Christmas with your love ones.


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