Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Some people just don't get it!!!!

I am up today with a fun silly layout.  The funniest part of this layout is that my husband has NO IDEA what the title means!!!  This is my husband's truck.  His much loved baby.  There were less than 300 produced and many of those are overseas.  Since we own big trucks, he is used to driving BIG.  This is a BIG truck but it is his personal vehicle.  He drives it everyday.  I had taken this picture at our farm and just thought it was a good picture so why not scrap it???
While looking at the picture, the line from Dirty Dancing popped in my mind.  "No one puts Baby in the corner".  It was such a corny line.  But don't we all remember it??!!  My husband was home schooled as a kid.  He was home schooled before home schooling was accepted and common.  He didn't watch much tv as a kid.  He has never watched The Brady Bunch!!!!  LOL!!!  My sister and I find this VERY funny!!!!  We watched the Brady Bunch parody movie once, and my husband didn't find it funny.....because he didn't get all the jokes!!! 
I showed him this layout, he looks at the picture of his truck, studies it a minute and then said "what the heck does that mean??", talking about the title.  I laughed my butt off!!!  Of course, I tried to explain but he didn't get it...because he hasn't ever watched Dirty Dancing either!!!  GEESH!!!!  I thought my "No one Parkz Baby in a Corner" was a silly and fun play on that!  Well, at least I thought it was fun!!!! 
I used the Stampin' Up Tasteful Trims die.  I have to say this is one of my favorite dies of all times!  So many uses!  I think this was a scrap piece.  I was using up some Basic Grey paper that I had.  I think the zig zag helps break up some of the prints.
Ripping and tearing are some of my favorite techniques!  So easy but so much fun!!!
Hope you enjoyed!  Have a great HUMP day!!!!!!

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