Monday, December 17, 2012

Simple Christmas Layout

This is a layout using up some left over pieces of my paper pack.  I always find it easier to add a solid piece of paper to help break up my pattern paper.
  This is pictures from last Christmas and our rescued cat, Sammy.  Sammy came from a wild environment.  She was one of MANY kittens that were being created from an environment of barn cats.  Our much loved cat, Oscar had recently been put down after 16 years!  Owen, my middle son, was very very upset.  We told him that he could get another cat.  He said he wanted a black with white cat.  One of our friends came across this cat in a barn.  She knew the owner didn't like cats so the chances of this cat living long was slim.  This cat was the only one of many that didn't run away from her.  She was able to get the cat and put her in a carrier.  She bought the cat up to our house to see if Owen was interested in her.  YES he was!!!!  No, she wasn't the black with white cat that Owen wanted, but he instantly fell in love with her.  He named her Sammy.  We kept Sammy in our sunroom for about three weeks.  She was doing well, never had an accident, very social and playful.  She was not scared or timid around the boys.  We took her to the vet.  After a clean bill of health and shots and a later appointment to have her fixed, Sammy was officially OURS!!!!  
After three weeks, I thought, why not bring her in the house and see how she does.  We haven't looked back!!!  This was her first Christmas!  She has been a great cat.  I often find her laying asleep with one of the boys! 
I noticed the bow moved on me to cover up Sammy's face.  Sorry, it normally is sitting straight!!!  The Merry banner is a stamp that I stamped and embossed in black and fussy cut it out.
I love using twine!!!!  If you don't know what your layout needs, it probably needs some twine!!!  :)
I have the hardest time using clear overlays.  I have found that I can use them in small pieces.  This was the perfect spot for the overlay, using it as a ribbon strip.
Hope you having a good Christmas season so far!  How many are all done with their Christmas shopping???  I think I am about 97% done.  I have two stores that I need to hit this week and I should be done.  Hopefully.

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