Thursday, December 6, 2012

Recycling and a winter craft project for kids??!!! Soda Can Snowflakes!

I love working with the kids at my sons' school.  I try to do at least one craft project each year with the kids.  I looked all over the internet for ideas this year.  Then I saw it....soda can snowflakes!!!  PERFECT!!!!  This was perfect for the school.  The school does a lot of recycling, so what was better than a craft that had recycling in it???  Repurposing it huge!! 
We had the kids bring in washed out soda cans.  Of course, I found this step to be the hardest...some people's idea of washed out is a little different from mine!!  LOL!  No problem, it was easily fixed with taking the can to the sink for a quick wash!  I had each of the kids pick out two soda cans.  I cut the cans since this was the most tricky step....the cans once cut are SHARP!!!!  Using gloves works best.  I used my Tim Holtz scissors, they cut through the cans better than metal snips!!! The tips of the scissors
 were sharp enough to puncture the cans.  I cut the top of the can off, and cut down the side of the can (I cut down the ingredient list ) and then cut around the bottom of the can.  This gave me a flat sheet of metal to run through the big shot!  I used my snowflake die to cut out the snow flakes.  The snowflake die is in the Holiday mini catalog:  item #127813 Snow Flurry
I made samples to show the kids what the snowflakes would look like using different colored cans, and different variations.  Here were my samples:
This was using a sunkist can.
This is using a coke can with a snowflake brad added in the center.
This is using the two smallest snowflakes on the die.  This one was a sprite can.
This one was using a coke can but using the inside of the can instead of the printed colored side.
This is using a coke can but changing up the layers a bit.  I add a large brad to the back of it as well.  I had several of these big brads that I know I will never use...but they were perfect for this project.
This was a coke zero can.  I love the black and red on this one!
The kids loved working on the project.  I was amazed at the ideas they came up with.  I had a bag of bling that they could pick through and use anything they wanted to.  We also had a glitter station set up. They used a paint brush to paint the glue on and then put glitter on to the snowflakes.  I loved seeing their ideas and designs.  To keep it safe, I did the cutting and I separated the snowflakes from the left over soda cans but the kids ran it through the big shot.  For some reason, using the big shot is really cool to kids!!  They decorated them, hole punched them and added their choice of string.  I bought a big container of string, ribbon and twine, they chose what they wanted to use!  Overall the kids were thrilled with their snowflakes!  Fun for everyone!!! (and the snowflakes are not sharp once they are cut out using the die!!)
Here are some of the snowflakes the kids made:
Aren't they great!!!!!! 


  1. These are gorgeous! What a great project. I'm glad you mentioned that the finished snowflakes weren't sharp - that was the first thing that entered my mind. So cool!

  2. They turned out so well! A great thing for the kids' parents to keep for the tree every year too:) It's nice to see how the thank you card was received. When I taught school, I always made my kids write thank yous to everybody any time they did something for us.

  3. wow i like them! can u teach me sometime?????


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