Saturday, December 1, 2012

Paintball Layout- Playing with Inks & Misting!

I have to say, I had the most fun making this layout.  It was a process though.  I love misting and playing with inks.  This was the perfect layout to do ALL of them in one!!!  I started with a base of crumb cake cardstock.  Since the layout was going to have a lot of color on it, I needed the base to be neutral.  Crumb cake works well for that. I inked the edges of the crumb cake paper.
  I started off using a template for the bricks.  This was my girlfriend's template that she let me borrow so I am not sure of the company.   These plastic templates are great because they can be cleaned off and used over and over again.  It was about 5X7 big so I had to line it up a couple of times to make the brick area bigger.  My goal for the layout was to create a brick wall with the paint splatters going down the brick, just like it would in a paintball fight!  I sponged on the brick using a sponge and several colors of red ink pads.  I randomly blended them to create a variation to the bricks. 
Once the brick wall was done, I wanted to move on to the paint splatters.  I had to test out the effect on scrap paper.  Misting paint alone did not work well since it did not sit on top of the brick.  I need a more solid paint splatter.  I had some pearl paint medium.  It was colorless, and supposed to be blended with color.  I think it was  a creative memories item.  I was at a retreat when I did this layout so I didn't have my reinkers with me.  I had to come up with another way to get color on the pearl effect.  I had taken my misters with me.  Perfect!!!  I opened the top of the misting bottle and poured a little of the misting color into the pearl medium and mixed it to get the color I wanted.  If the color wasn't dark enough, I add more misting color to it and mixed well again.  I did all this on SCRAP paper!!! Get bold!  Have fun!!!  What's the worst thing that would happen??  It is paper!!!!   Once I got the color the way I wanted it, I added it to my layout in a BLOB!!!  A big old BLOB!!!  So much fun!!!  Then I  held the paper vertical so the color blob would drip......and drip and drip down the paper. Once I got the drips as long as I wanted, I laid the layout flat to dry.   I did this for the yellow and the blue spots!  I had to set this aside for about two hours until it dried completely.  I could have hit this with a heat gun to speed this up.
The next step was using the Stampin' Up Paper Doily Sizzlits to punch out my doily.  I also used the Stampin' Up Tasteful Trim Bigz die to cut out the black trim piece.  I love the Tasteful Trim die.  There are so many pieces that it cuts and the scraps can be used as well!!  A really great investment die!!!!  The layered pieces are all part of a Crate Paper pack that I was using up scraps from!  Even better!!!!
I layered all the pieces on my layout.  The last step was to add additional misting to the layout.  Instead of misting it on, which could put the color on my pictures or layers, I took the lid off of the mister, and took the "straw" of the mister and dabbed it directly to the paper.  This is a great way to color where you want the color to go.  You can get bigger dabs of color or small dabs of color.  It doesn't take a lot of practice to get really good at it!  It is probably one of the easiest ways to use misters! Misting is so much fun!  I love making my own misters.  I love misting in general.  It is VERY addicting!!!
Hope you enjoyed this layout!

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