Saturday, December 22, 2012

Got boys? Got mud!!! A dirty Scrapbook Layout!!

As most of you know, I have three boys.  Due to this, I have TONS of pictures of my kids dirty.  I love the quote that says "boys= a noise with dirt on it". Yup, that's them!!!!  These pictures were texted to me from my husband.  Apparently, the boys were driving the bobcat around the shop.  One wanted to drive, one didn't want the other one to drive, and one was just making SOMEHOW...the keys got lost in a large mud puddle.  When I say large, I mean a mud puddle as big as a dump truck.  SOMEONE, who know one admits to it, threw the kids at their brother and said brother didn't catch them...and the keys ended up in the mud puddle.  Well, if anyone knows equipment, those keys are expensive!!  So after buying several husband told the boys, they needed to find the keys.  Well, they had to go INTO the mud puddle!!!  Which I believe lead to a mud puddle fight...this was the end result....oh and they never found the keys either!!!  GEESH!!!!

I used a Simple Stories paper line.  I love all their papers!  I love being able to cut out different elements. 
I loved this postcard.  I cut it out and distressed the edges.  I loved making up the address!!!  It also have some "dirt" stickles on it!!
Ever had the problem that you love both sides of the paper?  Which one to use?  Folding down the corner of the paper is a neat trick to get both prints on your layout!  I love the brushed bronze buttons from Stampin' Up holiday catalog.  This catalog will be going away January 1st!  If there is something you like, order quickly!!!  We may not see these items again!!! 
Hope you enjoyed!!!  I love pictures that are of my boys all dressed up, but these type of pictures are my favorite to scrap! There is always a story to tell.

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