Friday, November 2, 2012

Sweet triple stamping card

I have to be honest, when I bought this stamp set, I had no idea what I would use i for. Storybook friends was just to cute to pass up!  It reminded me of the story books I used to read as a kid.  I was thrilled to be able to use it finally!!!  It really is the cutest set!  Each animal comes with a word underneath it.  I found this limiting so I took my snips and cut the word off from the animals.  This makes it easy to use the animals or just the words.  I can mix and match them too!  I still have the words, and I still have the animals, I just made the set work for me better! 
Here is my triple stamping card using the Storybook Friends set.  I did not take step by step pictures of this card because it is the same process as the tutorial I did about triple stamping card.  You can find the tutorial here:  Triple Stamping Step by Step  .  You can make any set work for a triple stamping card!  It is a lot of fun!  Get those unused stamp sets out and make a triple stamping card!!!


  1. So cute. This would make a great baby card too.

  2. Adorable, and great idea to cut up the stamps to get more use out of them. Thanks for linking the tutorial, can't wait to try it!

  3. That is really cute! And smart thinking on making the stamps more versatile!


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