Wednesday, November 28, 2012

More Christmas Decorating! A Hunters' Tree!!!

Hello Friends!  Today I am sharing another Christmas tree!!  Yes, we have more than one in our house!  We actually have three!!  Our main tree, and two themes ones.  I shared our main tree yesterday.  Today I will share the tree in my oldest son's room.  This is Kyle's hunting tree!  He used to have a Star Wars tree but as he has gotten older, his tastes have changed.  He enjoys hunting and wanted a hunting tree.  It is still a work in progress.  I haven't found the right tree topper yet.  But he loves it! 

This is his tree in the daylight.  His tree is a narrow 6ft tree.  I love that it fits in the corner of his room.  It is a prelit tree.  We add the red and green shot gun shell lights to it.  It is prelit white.  But the shot gun shell lights are too cute not to add!!!  The best part of this cost $15 at Target after Christmas!!!  How could I NOT buy it!!!

Here is a duck hunting ornament.  And you can see the glowing shot gun shells.  You can see the orange plastic ribbon.  This was the weirdest ribbon I think I have ever bought! It is plastic, weird but it is actually in the Christmas ribbon section of Ben Franklin.   Orange!!!  For Christmas??  But it works on his tree!!! 

He even has some fishing ornaments on his tree.  Pretty much anything outdoors sportsman works!

This is one of my favorite ornaments.  It is a GREAT deer face.  My sister actually found this ornament for me.  LOVE it!!!  It used to be on my tree, but Kyle claimed it!!!  It gets top billing!!!!  At the top of the tree!!!! 

There are even wooden shot gun shells!
One of my favorites, the moose head!  Who doesn't need a moose head???


There are plenty of deer to be found on his tree!!!  Ignore the hanging truck in the last picture...he has a big lego crane in his room that he built and has a mini truck hanging from it...apparently near his tree!!!  LOL!!!  Didn't notice that earlier!!!

I saved Kyle's favorites for last!!!

The enclosed deer stand is one of his favorites!  Kyle is having an enclosed deer stand built for him. He is super excited to have it done!  He goes hunting with a buddy that makes them and he has been so nice to take Kyle with him!  Enclosed stands are great for kids since they have a harder time sitting still and not making sudden movements.  Kyle shot his first deer out of Joey's enclosed deer stand!!!

Kyle's favorite one is this deer holding the sign!!  He places it right in front!!! 
The tree is filled with ornaments: hunting hats, wooden wells and log cabins, gun ornaments.  All cute!!  It makes my hunter happy!!!!

Here is a picture of his tree at night!  Very cute!!!  I will pick him up some more ornaments this season I am sure.  Bass Pro is a great source for his hunting ornaments!  I actually have found some of the deer ones at Peppermint Forest as well!  I hope to find him a good tree topper, or make one.  He didn't like anything that I had some up with so far.  Maybe this is the year!!!

Merry Christmas!!!


  1. Wow- I've never seen a hunting themed Christmas tree before! My favorite part is the orange ribbon - it's perfect for this tree!

  2. I think that tree is fantastic!! my son would love a tree like that too! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is great!! Love it!! How about an orange knit cap for a topper. Maybe one with ear flaps.


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