Monday, November 5, 2012

Lots of Sentiment Stamps for little Cost!!!! WHEELS!!!!

 Anytime that I can get a good deal,  this chickie is one happy crafter!   I love the Stampin' Up clearance rack!!!  I loved the 15% stamp one day stamp sale that Stampin' Up had last week, or two weeks ago, geesh, I am loosing  track of time.  I am always thinking how to get the most out of my Stampin' Up supplies.  Wheels are a great deal.  Why???  Simply because some wheels can be unmounted from the wheel, cut apart giving you multiple stamps for a cheap price per stamp.  Some people love the stampin' wheels, some like me, are TRYING to love the stampin' wheels.  It is user error with me!  I am practicing and getting better and rolling a straight line.   When I look at a wheel, I look to see if I could unmount the wheel and get more use out of it or do I keep it in a wheel.  This method works best with jumbo word wheels.  When the new catalog came out, I quickly scanned the jumbo wheels to see what would work, and hoped that maybe one or two will eventually show up in the clearance rack.  The one day stamp sale was the perfect time for me to snatch up the Jolly Jingles jumbo wheel.  This is the PERFECT stamp for unmounting.  It has lots of different  Christmas phrases. 
This is so easy and just takes time, careful cutting, SHARP scissors and some Aleene's Tack it Over and Over glue.  The first step is to cut the stamp off the wheel.  Start by finding the seam of the wheel.  At the seam, take your SHARP scissors (small or fine cut tips work best!) and cut across the seam,  I was able to get my scissors under the seam and snip the first cut then I ran my scissors across the seam, it sliced with just my blade pressure.  SLOWLY is the key!
Once the seam is cut, just unroll the rubber from the wheel, it peels off easily.

Once you unmount the wheel, you can throw the wheel cartridge away.
Now the next stamp is just as easy but does take time and slow careful cutting.  Use your best accurate scissors to do this.
Slowly start cutting off the sentiments.  This takes some time and the BEST way to do this is to get the catalog out so you have a visual of what the words look like in front of you.  How do I know this???  Because I  messed up a stamp by not knowing what it said!!  I'll show you that in a bit!
The easiest way to cut the stamps out is to cut in straight lines.  If you have to cut around a curve, cut it in a straight line!!!

I will show you my mistake that I made while cutting this wheel.
Because the stamps are backwards while you are cutting them, it is not always easy to "read" the phrases, which is why I recommend having the catalog in front of you while you cut.  Well, I should heed my own advice!  But my catalog was in the car, and I wanted to get done, so I did it without my catalog.  This is what happens!!!  I cut out the stamp with the stocking first, it says "deck the halls with boughs of holly".  I THOUGHT the stocking went with that sentiment.  But then I got down to the OY, stamp and kept scratching my head, oops!!!  The stocking was the J to JOY to the world sentiment!  Oh well.  I lost one stamp cutting this wheel.  Not a huge deal and it still is an awesome deal for this wheel but learn from my mistake!!!! 
The next step is to make the stamps usable.  You will have raw rubber.  Some people like to put the easy mount on the bare rubber, I find this  VERY time consuming.  I  use them as bare rubber and just use a thin mouse pad under my stamping when I use these!
I use Aleene's Tack It Over and Over to paint a LIGHT coat of the glue on the back of the stamps.
After you paint the thin coat of glue, let them dry all the way!!!  (maybe about two hours total!!)
After they dry, I place them in an empty stamp case from Stampin' Up.  You can purchase these from Stampin' Up.  These are great for your stamp sets!
I got fourteen sentiments out of this ONE wheel.  Let's do the math:
Jumbo wheel: $8.50
I got it on sale 15% off:  $7.22
divided by 14 stamps:  $.52 per stamp!!!!
That's a great deal!!!! 
Now I will say, sometimes, you won't be able to use EVERY single stamp in the set.  You might mess up like I did.  Some sentiments won't cut out right.  Some might be to close to separate.  I don't fret over this because they are still a good deal!  I will say, if you see a stamp wheel that you just LOVE, it is still a good deal to unmount it at full price and I have done that as well.  It is still cheaper than a sentiment stamp set! 
I gained lots of Christmas sentiments from ONE wheel!!!
I love a DEAL!!!


  1. thanks you for sharing this with your readers. I have done this with many wheels! some you can get lots of picture stamps too. If you don't have your catty handy (gasp) you can stamp it first so you have an image in front of you :) I will use tacky glue on the backs, but I have also created clear blocks with Tsukineko's tack 'n peel on the block, just make sure you keep the yellow covering to cover the block when not in use, it helps keep it clean. You can wash the block with soap and water if it starts losing its tack - let it air dry and it is as good as new. Just another option.

  2. Michelle, this is an awesome idea! So, do you then use the clear blocks to stamp the images?


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