Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Do you LOVE Halloween??? How about some Halloween decorating??!!!!

This was last year's post for Halloween, I will be doing another post for this year's decorating but since the decorations don't go out at my sister's house until Halloween day, I will have to share AFTER Halloween!!!  Enjoy last year's decorating and check out the next Halloween decorating post for NEW decorations this year!!!  Think Headless Horseman!!!!!! 
And most of all, Happy and Safe Halloween to ALL!!!!!
I will start this post by saying This IS NOT MY HOUSE!!!!  This is my sister's house.  I have her permission to do a blog post about her Halloween decorating!   I live out in the country so for Halloween, we always go to her house/neighborhood for Trick or Treating.  My sister, Sharon, goes all out for Halloween.  I believe it is her favorite holiday!! Okay, I don't believe, I KNOW it is her favorite holiday.  She's freak!!!  LOL!!  I tease her and give her a bunch of grief for all her Halloween purchases.  I gigle when she tells me she goes to a Halloween forums for ideas and deals....heehee.....BUT....her house was the best looking in the neighborhood!!!  I took a bunch  of pictures....and I mean a LOT of pictures to show all her hard work.  Most of the outside stuff is put up ON Halloween and taken down that night!!! It is tons of work for her but she loves it.  I am not sure her husband loves it, but he is suckered into helping!!!  Gotta love it!!! 
I'll start with the inside and then show the outside of her house:
This is her fireplace.  She made the picture in the middle with her cricut, burlap,  and a Ikea picture frame!  Brilliant!!!
I love the little details, even the spider crawling on the CREEPY sign.
 Skulls in  jar, mice, spiders.....all scream Halloween!!!
I wish I knew where she got this guy because he is AWESOME!  I love the litle spider on him too!
She has a slight rodent problem!  Love the little mouse guy!!!

These guys sit in her kitchen window. 
I love these little guys!!!!
She has little touches of Halloween sprinkled throughout her house.  I love the skull!

Even the candles have a little Halloween touch!!!  Yikes get a BIG shoe to get that spider!!!!
This was one of my favorite spots.  So simple and pretty!
One of her cross stitch boards with her seasonal Halloween frames on them.  I love this set!  We both cross stitch and love doing these little projects for our cross stitch boards.
This is my brother-in-law's Halloween hat.  I borrowed it for a sec!  SSSSHHH!!!!  
This is her dough bowl.  Pumpkins, gordes, skulls and acorns all fill her bowl.  She loves her dough bowl.  It is a big joke in her house that if there is a fire, grab the dough bowl on the way out of the house.  This is one of two she has....maybe three??  I think this is the smaller of the two.  The larger one could be a boat for her 6 year old!!!  LOL!!!  Very pretty though!
This is her wreath that hangs in her kitchen.  It is so pretty!  This pictures doesn't show it as good as it looks in person, it is BIG!  She changes this out seasonally.

Okay, now we head outside.  There were details everywhere I looked!

One of the kids counted 16 spiders outside!! YIKES!  This one, forget the shoe!  Get the car!!!!
The skull lights looked great lite up at night!  But the spiders give me the chills!!!!
The mummies hang out inside until October 31st, and then they get to come outside to the party!
Making new friends! He was a little quiet but that's okay!
I wanted a kiss but he wasn't going for it!
Another one of her spiders.....ugh, I really need to talk to her about these!!  Especially since it is looking down on me!!!
The kids were getting their costumes on, so I had to get my hat on! 
In helping put out some last minute decorations, I found this sweet bird's nest.  How pretty!  Or was it another prop??? hmmmm.....
Nothing says scary like some pumpkins, skulls, snake and a mouse!!!  These fuzzy mice freak me out!!!!
Two of my little pumpkins!  Jesse the puppy and Owen the army ranger. 

My oldest, Kyle.  He went as a hunter.  Not a far stretch for him but I am just glad he still wants to hang with us.  I am sure it is coming, he will be to cool to hang with his brothers and I for Halloween!  But for now, I was thrilled.  And yes, my 12 year old is officially taller than me!!!!
I love this mask!!!
These  guys were super creepy hanging in the trees!
I loved the mice, or rats!!!  They looked so real.  My youngest liked them, he kept carrying them around.  Guess he didn't find rats creepy!  LOL!!!
This guy was scary!!!! 
Okay, for the last pictures: our Trick or Treating gang....doing some Gangnam Style!!!
Hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween!  Sharon: I will officially say you did a good job!  Now don't ask me to repeat that!!!  LOL!  And I believe she won't be reading this until later, since she is day after Halloween bargain shopping for next year!!!!! 


  1. Love Love Love this!!! Sharon you need to come up my way to do our house. :) Hmm one year when Halloween is a weekend I'm heading down your way.

  2. Oh my gosh- her house is AWESOME! I love it! So many fabulous touches. Does she do all the holidays so well? And if so, how on earth does she store all that stuff?! ;)

  3. So fun!!! And I thought my husband went all out...your sister puts him to shame!!! Yikes!

  4. Her decorations are soooooooooooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I can't wait to see what she does this year.

  6. wow wow ow i am speechless fabulous

  7. I don't even like Hslloween ...gasp... But your sisters decorations are awesome! Her neighbors must love all her creativity.

  8. Sooo creative! Can't wait to see this years pics!


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