Saturday, December 28, 2013

Big Shot Pro & His little brother the Big Shot!

The question comes up often, what die cutting machine should I get.  It depends on what you are wanting to do with your machine.  Two of the options are the Big Shot Pro and the regular Big Shot.  I am doing this post today because there are lots of questions about the Big Shot Pro. 

I will start by saying, I love BOTH of these machines.  They are both well made and very useful.  This is a side by side comparison.  YES, the Pro is that much bigger!!!  The Big Shot Pro is able to handle 12X12 pieces of paper.  It weighs close to 44 pounds!  YES, you read that correctly.....44 pounds!!!  For me, this is a problem because I don't have a dedicated space for my Big Shot Pro.  I have to keep it up on a shelf in my kids' playroom.  Lugging it on and off the shelf does get old!!! FAST!!!  But if you have a space in your craftroom to set it up and keep it there, the weight is nice because it is sturdy and well made.  It does not slide around at all!!

Another comparison picture, the Big Shot sitting on his big brother's lap!!!

The BSP can handle all of the large dies and nesties on the market.  It will do from the smallest up to the biggest. 

The BSP comes with a crease pad, a base ( a little different than the multipurpose platform that the Big Shot comes with) A top plate, and two shims.  It is harder for me to make the sandwiches on the BSP because I lack the multipurpose platform.  I have heard that it is now available for the BSP. Since I really use this machine for things that I can't do with my Big Shot, I don't know if I will buy the multipurpose platform for my BSP.  If this is your only die cutting machine, I would get the multipurpose platform for it.  Save yourself some time and paper!!!

These are two new dies I got for my BSP.  These are envelope dies for A6 and A7 cards!  I am thrilled to get these.  Honestly, I have watch a hundred videos (okay maybe a stretch...but a LOT) on how to make your own envelopes.  I follow directions, and mine turn out AWFUL!!!!  This was a great investment for me!  I don't always make A6 or A7 cards but now I will always have an envelope for them when I do!!!!  Dies for the BSP are investments.  I don't have a lot of dies for it because the dies are normally about $50.  I only buy them on sale or clearance because my price break on dies is about $30-$35.  That's all I want to spend on them.  

This is the BSP with the envelope die on it, it takes a full 12X12 piece of paper.  Some of the larger dies, are on the die at an angle.  This comes into play if you have stripes on your paper, something to keep in mind.  Since I am using cheap scrap paper for my envelopes, I don't worry about this.  I just need a good light colored side to write on, and let the pattern be on the inside of the envelope.  This is a good way to use up those prints that you don't like!!!

This is how the envelope comes out, crease lines are already there, so I just fold on the lines, add some adhesive and we are good to go with a nice envelope!!!

This is where the die being on an angle can mess you up.  Since this is for the inside of the card, I won't fuss with it!  But something to keep in mind, when you are using the larger dies!

This compares a standard BSP die to an extended die for the Big Shot, a die that you need to use the extended pads for.  The extended pad is longer than the 12X12 die.

Another view of the same two dies. 

This is a comparison of a standard BSP die and a standard Big Shot die.  If space is an issue, this is something to keep in mind!  Even the dies for the Pro are BIG!!!

Overall, both machines are good machines.  Both machines will cut the small dies, the standard dies, most nesties (except the Grands), framelits, and  handle embossing folders.  The BSP will handle all that PLUS the Pro dies and the Grand nesties.  There is a rumor that 12X12 embossing folders are going to be available for the BSP.  This would be a big plus for scrapbookers, BUT don't get to excited because they were supposed to be out last year!! So maybe it is just a rumor???  The BSP does it all.  It is a one stop machine. 
If I had to choose, I would choose my Big Shot.  For two reasons:  it is lighter and easier to make the sandwiches for the dies.  I use my Big Shot on almost EVERY project I do.  My BSP comes off the shelf about once every six months.  The BSP is about $300 but deals can be found!  Even with deals, it is at a high price point.   The Big Shot is a lot cheaper!  I bought mine at 50% at Stampin' Up with my qualifying order.  Overall, most people don't need the BSP.  The BSP is not portable.  At all.  I take my Big Shot with me to crops with no problems!  I have both, I love both but I do use my Big Shot more.  I think the Big Shot is more versatile and useful for everyday crafting.


  1. Thanks for all the info - great to see them side-by-side.

  2. I didn't even know there was a Big Shot Pro! This was a great review. I don't have a manual die-cutting machine and this was very informative.

  3. I don't own any die cutting machine. I never felt the need to...
    I accidently won a Cricut on EBAY...yes accidently... It's a long story...
    And I never used it!
    So I sold it for the same price I purchased it for and never felt like i needed to replace it w/ anything else.
    Maybe I'm just Old-School like that!
    Great Review BTW!

  4. Great review on the two machines. I don't think I will be purchasing the big daddy any time soon though. Especially with it weighing 44 pounds.

  5. Thank you so much for this information! Very helpful! Just what I needed Michelle! Now to finalize my Christmas list! Tava :)

  6. A very useful comparison! I had no idea the Pro was THAT much larger than the regular Big Shot!


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