Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Unique and FUN Construction Christmas Tree!!!!

Today is my last day sharing my Christmas tree decorations, last Christmas tree!!!  I have saved my most unusual one for last.  My husband and I started a grading company in 1997.  This was well before when we had kids, but I got the idea to make a construction Christmas tree for our office.  The idea grew and grew.  I collected trucks, dozers, backhoes, trackhoes, any and all construction toys that I could make into ornaments.  Not all toys work, you have to have a spot to loop the twine through on the toy.  This was before you could find any construction trucks or tractors that were actual ornaments.  Over the years, ornaments have gotten more unusual and I have been able to add to my homemade construction ones!  I pick up new ones every year.  Hallmark normally has one or two tractor, truck or even monster truck ones! 
Years past, and our office crew got bigger, our space got smaller!!!  We had less and less room for a Christmas tree at the office.  We started having kids, and it just made more sense to enjoy the construction Christmas tree at home!  This one is in the boys room.  They love it!  I don't have to worry about this tree because there are very few ornaments that can actually be broken!  They are TOYS!!! 

I have changed this tree a little bit over the years, but find that the black and white accents work best.  The yellow and orange construction colors pop against the black and white.  I got the idea for the zebra ribbon from my friend that has it on her tree.  It works perfectly!

Santa!!!  Yes, Santa in a hard hat!!!  This is one of the few actual ornaments on the tree.  I found this one at the Southern Christmas Show. 

Black and metal sparkly ornaments are scattered throughout the tree.  It helps balance all the colors of the trucks on the tree. And they add the sparkle to the tree!!  The disco balls sparkle and reflect all the lights really well!
This is a special ornament that has one of our companies' names on it. 

The tree topper is a mix of black and white feathers, crystals, sparkly leaf vines.


This is one of my original ornaments that I made.  I still love it.  Not many dozers are orange but it adds to the variety.  This picture also shows the other ribbon on the tree that I use, a black plastic ribbon.  I got this ribbon at the same store that I bought the orange ribbon for the hunting tree.  This ribbon is really easy to work with and the plastic reflects the light really well.


This is one of the Hallmark ornaments.  Yes, Hallmark made a cement mixer!!!  Who knew right!!!!!??

We even had monster trucks!!  The boys love the monster trucks!!  What boy wouldn't??!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed!!!  Happy Truckin'!!!!


  1. I really like this tree! Very unusual but pretty! My fave part is the zebra ribbon - I'm a sucker for animal print!


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