Friday, November 30, 2012

Using up some old paper packs!

I love layouts that everything comes together!  I love layouts even more when I use up paper packs!  We all have paper packs that we use some of the sheets out of and have left over.  My goal for this layout was to up those leftover scraps and sheets!  I didn't have much left when I started this layout.  The only sheet that is not left over is my base- crumb cake card stock.  All other sheets, embellies, and stickers are scraps from October Afternoon!   Best of all, I really like how this layout turned out.  This is my third son. I loved this picture!  So sweet!  Just like Jesse!!!
I love October Afternoon's journaling cards.  The binding ribbon is very easy to use!
I layered left over pieces from an accessory pack to create my journaling spot.  I love the stage coach sticker.  The colors are wonderful!!!!
Hope you enjoyed this layout!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Unique and FUN Construction Christmas Tree!!!!

Today is my last day sharing my Christmas tree decorations, last Christmas tree!!!  I have saved my most unusual one for last.  My husband and I started a grading company in 1997.  This was well before when we had kids, but I got the idea to make a construction Christmas tree for our office.  The idea grew and grew.  I collected trucks, dozers, backhoes, trackhoes, any and all construction toys that I could make into ornaments.  Not all toys work, you have to have a spot to loop the twine through on the toy.  This was before you could find any construction trucks or tractors that were actual ornaments.  Over the years, ornaments have gotten more unusual and I have been able to add to my homemade construction ones!  I pick up new ones every year.  Hallmark normally has one or two tractor, truck or even monster truck ones! 
Years past, and our office crew got bigger, our space got smaller!!!  We had less and less room for a Christmas tree at the office.  We started having kids, and it just made more sense to enjoy the construction Christmas tree at home!  This one is in the boys room.  They love it!  I don't have to worry about this tree because there are very few ornaments that can actually be broken!  They are TOYS!!! 

I have changed this tree a little bit over the years, but find that the black and white accents work best.  The yellow and orange construction colors pop against the black and white.  I got the idea for the zebra ribbon from my friend that has it on her tree.  It works perfectly!

Santa!!!  Yes, Santa in a hard hat!!!  This is one of the few actual ornaments on the tree.  I found this one at the Southern Christmas Show. 

Black and metal sparkly ornaments are scattered throughout the tree.  It helps balance all the colors of the trucks on the tree. And they add the sparkle to the tree!!  The disco balls sparkle and reflect all the lights really well!
This is a special ornament that has one of our companies' names on it. 

The tree topper is a mix of black and white feathers, crystals, sparkly leaf vines.


This is one of my original ornaments that I made.  I still love it.  Not many dozers are orange but it adds to the variety.  This picture also shows the other ribbon on the tree that I use, a black plastic ribbon.  I got this ribbon at the same store that I bought the orange ribbon for the hunting tree.  This ribbon is really easy to work with and the plastic reflects the light really well.


This is one of the Hallmark ornaments.  Yes, Hallmark made a cement mixer!!!  Who knew right!!!!!??

We even had monster trucks!!  The boys love the monster trucks!!  What boy wouldn't??!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed!!!  Happy Truckin'!!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

More Christmas Decorating! A Hunters' Tree!!!

Hello Friends!  Today I am sharing another Christmas tree!!  Yes, we have more than one in our house!  We actually have three!!  Our main tree, and two themes ones.  I shared our main tree yesterday.  Today I will share the tree in my oldest son's room.  This is Kyle's hunting tree!  He used to have a Star Wars tree but as he has gotten older, his tastes have changed.  He enjoys hunting and wanted a hunting tree.  It is still a work in progress.  I haven't found the right tree topper yet.  But he loves it! 

This is his tree in the daylight.  His tree is a narrow 6ft tree.  I love that it fits in the corner of his room.  It is a prelit tree.  We add the red and green shot gun shell lights to it.  It is prelit white.  But the shot gun shell lights are too cute not to add!!!  The best part of this cost $15 at Target after Christmas!!!  How could I NOT buy it!!!

Here is a duck hunting ornament.  And you can see the glowing shot gun shells.  You can see the orange plastic ribbon.  This was the weirdest ribbon I think I have ever bought! It is plastic, weird but it is actually in the Christmas ribbon section of Ben Franklin.   Orange!!!  For Christmas??  But it works on his tree!!! 

He even has some fishing ornaments on his tree.  Pretty much anything outdoors sportsman works!

This is one of my favorite ornaments.  It is a GREAT deer face.  My sister actually found this ornament for me.  LOVE it!!!  It used to be on my tree, but Kyle claimed it!!!  It gets top billing!!!!  At the top of the tree!!!! 

There are even wooden shot gun shells!
One of my favorites, the moose head!  Who doesn't need a moose head???


There are plenty of deer to be found on his tree!!!  Ignore the hanging truck in the last picture...he has a big lego crane in his room that he built and has a mini truck hanging from it...apparently near his tree!!!  LOL!!!  Didn't notice that earlier!!!

I saved Kyle's favorites for last!!!

The enclosed deer stand is one of his favorites!  Kyle is having an enclosed deer stand built for him. He is super excited to have it done!  He goes hunting with a buddy that makes them and he has been so nice to take Kyle with him!  Enclosed stands are great for kids since they have a harder time sitting still and not making sudden movements.  Kyle shot his first deer out of Joey's enclosed deer stand!!!

Kyle's favorite one is this deer holding the sign!!  He places it right in front!!! 
The tree is filled with ornaments: hunting hats, wooden wells and log cabins, gun ornaments.  All cute!!  It makes my hunter happy!!!!

Here is a picture of his tree at night!  Very cute!!!  I will pick him up some more ornaments this season I am sure.  Bass Pro is a great source for his hunting ornaments!  I actually have found some of the deer ones at Peppermint Forest as well!  I hope to find him a good tree topper, or make one.  He didn't like anything that I had some up with so far.  Maybe this is the year!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.......

I have to confess that I actually put my Christmas tree up the week BEFORE Thanksgiving.  Yes, BEFORE!  I used to put it up the Saturday after Black Friday.With Black Friday, shop till you drop, it really got to be to much to do in one weekend.   Last year, I put it up the week before and it was so much nicer and less stressful.  And the best part, we enjoy the tree for an extra week! 
I figured most of my blogger readers weren't quite ready to see all the Christmas decorating until AFTER Thanksgiving so now I can share it with you!!!  :)

This is my main Christmas tree in daylight.  Yes, I said main tree.  We have more than one in our house, each with its own theme...but those are for another post!!!  Today I am just sharing my main tree! We used to have a bigger tree but after rearranging the furniture every year, I finally bought a thinner one.  It isn't tiny but takes up less room in the family room and  I don't have to move anything for it to fit!

As I said, each tree has an overall theme. The main tree is natural.  My tree topper fits that theme.  Some years I put twigs poking out of the tree, some years, I leave them off.  This year, I left them off.   With the natural theme, I am able to use the homemade ornaments that the boys bring home.  They love seeing their work on the tree.  It also has special ornaments on it from trips we have taken.  It really holds a collection of ornaments that all kinda work together. 

There are not a lot of glass ornaments on the tree, I think there might be four total!  But we do have a lot of natural items on the tree.  This star is oversized and one of my favorites!  You can see the ice skates and the nest with eggs in them!  A little knit ice skater.  My ribbon is something I am working on.  I used these three ribbons for several years.  You can see them in the picture: the netting one which has some gold flecks on it that reflects the light really well, the glimmery green scroll ribbon, and the solid green plaid which doesn't stand out but adds a nice background.  I found some ribbon that I wanted to replace it this, but it was $69/roll....YES per roll.  Now you know why I haven't replaced the ribbon yet!  For $69/roll, they better come and put it ON the tree for me!!!!  Frontgate has some beautiful stuff, but geesh....who buys it at those prices!!!  Even half price, it is to much for RIBBON!!!
Oh well, I might find some this year!  Still on the hunt!

These are my very favorite ornaments on the tree for obvious reasons.  I got these ornaments from Pottery Barn for 50% with free monogramming.  I couldn't pass them up!  I ordered several of them when I got them, I ordered from 2007-2014!  I love putting a new one on the tree each year.  I enjoy looking back and seeing how the boys have changed and grew!  I don't always use a professional picture for the frames, just pictures that I like!
There is quite a variety of ornaments, there is even room for my love of all Things Twilight!
You never know what you will find deep in the tree!  Hello Mr. Bear!
And of course, we can leave Santa out.  We have several different Santas on the tree!!!  Some are felt, some are on skis and some are wooden Santa faces.  Love them all!
I love this old time firetruck.
I love these natural sleds!  They are big and go great deep in the tree.
I have several of these pretty knit ice skaters in my tree.  I can't remember where I found them but they are one of my favorites.  The colors are so bright and pretty. 
I even have some Disney on the tree.  I got several of these big characters years ago.  I have Pooh, Tigger, and Piglet.  I put them into the tree but love seeing them in there. 
This is a special trip ornament that we bought from our Disney trip.  It works for our tree being more vintage looking and they are on a sled!!!
There are even owls are on the tree!
And if we have Santa, we need Elf shoes!  These are so cute!!  I have to say, one year I noticed my middle son wearing them playing beside the tree....seriously?? I wish I had gotten a picture of it!!!   He is to big to wear the Elf shoes now but he still remembers putting them on!!!  There really is no telling about the silly stuff Owen will do!!!
This is the tree glowing at night.  It is always a work in progress.  Small changes from year to year.  But overall, I love it!  They boys enjoy finding their favorite ornaments on the tree. 
How is your Christmas decorating going?  Do you have a theme tree or a color scheme?
I'll be sharing the other two trees in the house soon!
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