Monday, October 1, 2012

What noncrafting item have YOU used??? A fun halloween card!

The stupidest stuff inspires me.  Last week, I was inspired by an old magazine.  This week, I was walking through the house, picking up after the boys left, and came across a piece of trash on the floor....yes TRASH!!!  It was a sock holder, you know the plastic piece that is on a package of socks that hangs it from the hook in the store.  I picked it up....apparently, one of the boys opened a new pair of socks, and it had popped off....onto my floor!!!  (insert a mom groan here).  I picked it up and was heading to the trash can, and I stopped, got a little smile on my face, and put it on the kitchen counter for later!!! :)
I wanted to make another Halloween card because well, I LOVE Halloween!!!  Who doesn't?!!!  I had not used my Frightening Feline stamp yet.  It was a perfect time to try it out!!!
I stamped my Stampin' Up Frightening Feline stamp on Very Vanilla in basic black ink.
Isn't he cute??  Then my next step was to make him stand out a little more, LINES and DOTS around him!!
Just simply draw around your stamp imaged!
The next step is where my piece of trash became part of my card.  I wanted to lots of frame layers on my card and I wanted some twine.  That is as far as I got UNTIL I thought about that piece of trash!  It is a HANGER....why not hang it from my twine holding my framed cat??!!!!
What made it even better, my hanger already had holes in it so I used the holes to mark on the paper where I wanted to hang it from, punch two holes and added some Halloween brads that I have had FOREVER!!!
Isn't it cute?!!!!!  The best part is that the hanger is light weight so that it adds a layer to my card but not a lot of weight! The next step was to emboss a piece of tangerine tango and ink around the edges to make it more Halloweenie and add the twine!
Now it was time to add the layers to my base of basic black!!!
While assembling my card, I need a sentiment on it but didn't want  anymore layers, so I added the BOOOO directly to my cat piece!!!
Crafting at its best, using things that you have on hand!!!  What strange or unusual things have you added to a project???
Thanks for looking and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my youngest boy, Jesse!  We love you BOO!!!!!!
My birthday boy!!!  Who would believe that he was born at 26 weeks?  At 2lbs, 2 oz?  God is GREAT!!!  What a blessings he is!!!!!  Happy 6th Birthday!!!


  1. Brilliant!

    Happy Birthday Jesse!!

  2. OMG that stamp and card are so cute!!!! Great thinking w/ that piece of trash too!!! :0)

  3. Oops forgot to say Happy B-day to your little man!
    My son was born 2 1/2 months early and weighed 2.5 lbs! He is now 17 and much taller than me! LOL!

  4. Happy Birthday to Jesse!

    This is a great idea! How innovative and creative!

  5. Oh Doreen that warms my heart!!! When they start out as such little guys, it is wonderful to hear how the premies have thrived!! Jesse is almost taller than his older brother Owen who is 7!!! He has made up for it!

  6. What a great idea you just inpsired me to start saving those as I get them all the time! Great layout.

  7. I am seriously considering raiding the closets and drawers in my house now to see if I can find one of those little hangers lying around. What a cute idea!! (And Happy Bday to your little guy!)


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