Friday, October 26, 2012

Triple stamping wildlife card

Need a Happy Birthday card for a friend?  Maybe a favorite Uncle?  Grandfather?   This was my inspiration for this card.  Have a man in your life?  This would make the perfect card for him!!! 
 I am not doing a tutorial of this card because I just did a tutorial of the triple stamping technique.  See the following post:
You use the same measurements and technique to make this card, just a different stamp set. I kept the embellishments low key
 on this card.  I think the twine works well with the outdoor/male feel to this card.  No girly bling here!!! :) 
  Get out those stamps, and see what you can make with this technique!!!  It is a lot of fun!!!


  1. ok so I think the blogs need a like button. :)

  2. It's really nice! I love the use of the different browns/cream.

  3. Great card, Michelle! I know a BUNCH of guys {and some gals} that would GO CRAZY about this card!! Love it!

  4. Michelle! Where did you get that stamp set? I NEED IT!!


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