Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Triple stamping technique Halloween Card!

I have seen tons of triple stamping technique cards and finally decided, "I need to try that".  Off I went to look on the Internet to find out HOW to do the triple stamping technique.  For those that visit regularly, this is an odd card for me.  Why? Because for this card, you have to measure.  Yes, Use Measurements!!!!  I am a big believer that you just need to try things, adjust things to fit your style, your size that you like to work with, use colors that you have, so this card is out of my norm.  But, that's another thing, I love trying new things!!!!  This card is so much fun!!!  And honestly, I LOVED doing it!  I see more triple stamping cards in my future!! (hint! hint!)
I decided my first triple stamping card was going to be a Halloween card, because quite frankly, I am not sure we can have to many Halloween cards!  I LOVE making them!  The Ghouly Ghouls set was perfect for this card. 

The first step  for this card is to cut your layers.  Don't fret, I have up close pics of the sizes!!!  You need three layers, hence the triple part!  You need your stamping layer which is the top measurement.  I have the VV beside these measurements because it is for Very Vanilla.  This color needs to be light enough to stamp on.  Very Vanilla or Whispering White works well for this layer but feel free to experiment!  The other measurement is for the mat layer.  You can use any color for this.  In this card, I used basic black.

Starting at the smallest layer, these are the measurements.
This is the middle layer.

This is the final and biggest layer, your base layer.  Keep in mind, this layer needs to be scored in the middle at the 41/4" mark to make your base. 

On your smallest layer, add a sentiment if you want one.  Not all cards need or have to have a sentiment.  Be creative!  You can stamp it sideways, at the top, bottom, across the middle! 
This step is easy, layer the pieces on top of one another.  I used a smidge (official measurement there!) of snail on the back of each piece.  I then took my finger and pressed down on the smidge of snail to make it less sticky!  This is important so that the layers come apart easier later!  Do NOT stick these layers together with much snail!!!!  A little bit!!!!
I started with my lightest color ink I wanted to use.  I used Basic Grey on my little mummy guy.  You can use any colors of ink you want.  Get creative!!!  When You stamp, you act as though your layers are a flat ONE piece of paper, so stamp on all the layers!  It looks better if the images so off the page too, and very the direction of the images!
As you can see, I added my other characters.  The witch is in tangerine tango, the bats are in basic black and the spiders are basic grey.  Now that you have your pieces stamped, now it is time to separate them and add to your bases!
Take the layers off and adhere them to their mats. Since you used just a little bit of snail, they will come off very easily.
Now we begin stacking the mats back on to one another again.
This is a good time to add your ribbon.  I used bakers twine here.  Using the ribbon or twine on this layer will hide the twine between the base and top layers and adds just an extra touch to your card.
The last step is to adhere your layer to your base layer.  EASY!!!!  So much fun!!!!  I love this technique!!!!  I will be going through my stamps to see what other sets I can triple stamp!!!!  Hope you enjoyed!  What is a technique that you always wanted to try?  What is your favorite technique?


  1. I love this Card ! It's beautiful.

  2. Oh that is too cool! I always wondered how people did that! Great tutorial and card!

  3. I have seen tutorials for this technique before, but yours is by far the most explanatory. Thank you for providing this helpful information. Really cute Halloween card!

  4. This is amazing, I am going to dig out my stamps and give it a try!! Such a cute card!


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