Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The New Stampin' Up Trimmer- Review

Last week I received my new Stampin' Up trimmer.  When the trimmer became available for demo orders, I immediately ordered.  My fiskars trimmer has been on its last leg for awhile.  I had been limping along until the Stampin' Up trimmer was released.  It is finally here!!!!
This is a light weight trimmer.  It does have replaceable blades. 
It features a 61/4" base and the ruler, when extended, extends to 141/2". 
A neat feature of the swing out arm is the little foot on the bottom to give it more stability when cutting.  I used it this whole weekend without the foot extended so for me, I probably don't need to use it often but maybe handy if I am cutting a lot.
The trimmer features two blades- one is the cutting blade (darker) one is the scoring blade (lighter one).  They both can stay on the trimmer at the same time.  I used both this weekend and I did find the score blade handy to have on my trimmer.  I didn't have to grab out my score board to make my card. 
This shows the blades underneath, you see the score blade very nicely here.  It does give a nice score.
The bottom of the trimmer features a storing compartment.  It shuts nicely and stays shut.  I can see storing my extra blades in here and never loosing them again!!!  I can't tell you how many times I have hunted and hunted for my blades before.  Only to have to buy more, and then find my blades later!!  UGH!!!  So this will be a great place to put them.  There is plenty of room here for other things.  Great place to put my business cards!!!  What else can I put in there????
The bottom also features feet to help the trimmer stay on your table!!
This is the base showing the measurements that you can measure!  This covers everything I need to measure!  The base is coated so the numbers are not going to wear off.  A nice grid base to help lining everything up.
Now this is one of the features that I think is GREAT!!  This little "lock" locks the blade flap in place.  Why is that important?  Well if you are going to a crop and traveling with your trimmer, this helps keep the blade flap down and less likely to break.  Ask me why this is important!!!!  YIKES!!!! 
Overall this is a nice trimmer that can cut in any direction.  It is a good lightweight trimmer.  My first thought was that I was going to have to give up my wire on my fiskars that tells me exactly where I am cutting.  But after using it this weekend, I didn't miss it at all!!! My cuts were nice and straight.  The wire on my fiskars is one of my complaints.  It has gotten warped out of shape so it looks like my cutter is cutting weird.  From what I read, this happens often with wire guides.  I didn't miss it this weekend and could see exactly where I was cutting. 
I recommend this trimmer for anyone looking for a lightweight portable trimmer.  The trimmer is not yet available for customer orders.  When it is available, the item number is #126889. 


  1. Ooohhhh I am in the market for a new trimmer! I will be ready your post in detail in a bit...
    In the meantime, stop by my blog and read today's post. I nominated you for the "Sunshine Blogger Award" and I'm hoping you can play along!

  2. That is a cool trimmer! I'm always looking for a good trimmer. :)

  3. This is a HORRIBLE trimmer! The blades DO NOT LAST! I put a new blade in, TWO DAYS ago, and already, it's shredding my paper! I've read other reviews on the internet, where folks had the same problem I'm having! I'll be tossing mine. I wouldn't dare give it away, because I don't want to give someone a piece of junk. Stampin' Up! missed the boat on this one! BIG TIME!


    1. Beth,
      I'm sorry you are not happy with your trimmer. I will say this post is from 2012 when the trimmer were first released. And while I still think the trimmer has some great features, it has some problems as well. Lately the blades have been an issue. SU had trouble keeping the blades in stock, and then when they got the blades in, possibly from a new source, the blades are not lasting, quickly wearing out. There are some things you can do to help your blades: make sure the blade track is on the side that has a groove, periodically clean that track out of debris and dust. I've also read to make sure you are cutting up and down to get the most of your blades. With that said, I sadly no longer use my SU trimmer. Not being able to get replacement blades made me search for another trimmer. I found one that I love and highly recommend with NO BLADE REPLACEMENTS!!!

      This is the trimmer I have been using for over a year now and love it. The full size is nice as well, but the crop gets the most use in my craft room! Plus it can be easily taken to crops!
      I hope this helps.

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