Sunday, October 14, 2012

Need more room at crops?

I love going to crops.  It is a lot of fun to get together with others that enjoy scrapbooking and making cards.  The worst thing about crops is not having enough room at the table.  My upline, Jenny, shared with me her solution: a shoe rack!  This is BRILLIANT!!!!  It is so simple and easy to use.  I got my shoe rack at Target but I am sure you could find them at other big box stores.    I found two sizes.  Both of the sizes work the same, the legs fold down, and then you take the leg out of the metal holder to fold back down.  Easy!!!  Best yet, I don't think I spend more than $20 on this!!! (I have had mine for awhile so I can't remember exactly the price but it was under $20!!!)  It gives me another surface to work on during crops.  I can store my punches on the rack, or my finished projects.  I can use it for whatever I need!  The racks are pretty light so they carry well to crops, I normally lay mine over my rolling bag and roll on in!!! I admit I use mine at home sometimes, it helps to keep things near and within reach.  I simply fold it back up and put it beside my scrapbooking shelf to store.  Love this rack!!


  1. I love my shoe rack. This is also great at a crop when you are trying to decide what to use. You can lay out a couple things and look at them all.

    Being holey also allows light to still go through so that is not dark and shadowy underneath like it would be if you had a solid shelf.

  2. Very true Jenny!!!! It is just a great tip!!!! I am so glad you shared it with me and now I can share it with others!!! I think I will be taking mine to the November retreat!!!

  3. Hmm yes I can bring to the retreat too. I have two of these do I need them both?


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