Monday, October 8, 2012

Moonlight Frightening Feline

When I saw this card, I new I had to try and make it!!! I did not design this card, this is a CASE of the above card!!  I hope she is flattered that I loved it so much to try it myself!!  My first problem was I did not have all the ink pads that she listed.  My brain started working.  I figured that since I was doing a Halloween card, a moonlight could be creepy and dark too!!! I looked through my ink pads and found some that worked!  I still have some old colors so one of these is an old color, the other two are Midnight Muse and Night of Navy.  The old retired color I used, is Blue Bayou. 
My first thing I did was to est my inks on a strip of paper.  I always find this helpful when I am working with multiple colors of inks.  It helps me see how the colors are going to look together.  I always use a strip of paper that I am going to use on the project because sometimes ink will look different on different types of papers.  You have to use glossy paper for this moonlight technique.  GLOSSY not smooth!!! 
Sorry about the glare, it is the glossy paper causing it in the picture.  I stamped my Frightening Feline on the glossy white paper using Stazon black ink.  You have to give the cat time to dry or you can hit it with a heat gun to speed up the drying time.  Because you are going to be blending inks on top of the cat, you have to use Stazon ink. 
I used my big circle punch to punch out a circle that I could use to cover up part of the cat.  I used temporary tape runner.  I will say, that I think I would use the post it notes next time.  I was left with a little bit of residue on my cat from the tape, I had to use adhesive remover to get it off.  Post it notes would be easier!!! 
I started with the lightest color first and dabbed it on with a sponge, working to the medium color and finishing with the darkest color.
I removed my circle and was left with my moonlight cat.  This is where I had to use my adhesive remover and get some of the sticky residue off my cat.  I then took a little of the blue bayou and tabs some on to the white part of the moon to dim it a little and give it a little color and make it more moonish!!
I set my cat aside and worked on the fence part.  This is one of my favorite parts of this card.  I used the rosette die from Stampin' Up.  I love this die!  It makes rosette a breeze to make.  There are two sides of the die, one is rounded and one is pointed.  When making rosettes, you choose which side you want to use. In this card, we are using the pointed side to make the fence.  I roughly measure the paper against my cat to see how tall my fence needed to be, and cut my grey cardstock to that size before laying it on the die. 
See how nice the points in this die work for a fence?!!! Brilliant!!!
The next step is to make the fence stand out more, you slightly bend at the crease lines of each of the fence pieces and sponge lightly with basic black ink.
The next part, I trimmed the fence to fit my cat piece of cardstock and added the ribbon.  This ribbon is great!  It is in the holiday catalog!
The next step was to start my back layer pieces.  I used the First Edition DSP and inked around the edges using Basic Black ink.
I added a piece of Tangerine Tango to the layers for make it more Halloweenie!!
Adhered all this to my basic black card base!
And the card is done!  I had some much fun trying this card.  Now I am thinking, what other guys could I put in a moonlight???  LOL!!!
That is what crafting is about, having fun, trying new things.  As I said before, I didn't design this card.  It was a lot of fun to try and even change it up slightly! 
Hope you enjoyed!


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