Sunday, October 28, 2012

Leftover Paper Kit Challenge- to use it all!!!!

I love paper packs/kits.  All the paper matches.  It makes putting together some scrapbooking pages very easy.  One of my favorite parts of scrapbooking, is challenging myself to do something different.  I love trying to use up a paper kit, every little bit of the kit!!!!  This is what I started out with:

I had three patterned pieces of paper, one solid piece and one sticker sheet.  Okay, my challenge was to use this all on a layout.
This was my result!!  The patterned paper that I was left over with was big, cutting it up, helped me be able to use it.  The red solid paper was used to mat my main pictures.
The sticker sheet had enough stickers left to make a title.  Sometimes you have to be creative though! 
I love layers!  The sticker sheet also had some edge stickers, they worked well for layers!  And I love ripping!  How easy is ripping?!!!
I added some decorative tape to the pictures.  I love this tape, even though it is very subtle, I think it is cute! 
I loved these little stickers!  My journaling sticker didn't have enough room to put all the information on it, but these worked good for the basic information.
My journaling sticker!  I used a lot of this kit, but I still have a few pieces left over. My next layout using the leftover might be even harder!!!  Happy Scrappin'!!!


  1. Good job!!! I love the car paper. Do I have this kit?

  2. Nice page. I have a few kits but I rarely use them.

  3. Great job challenging yourself! I'm doing the same, trying to use up some of my old stash (and when I say old, I mean OLD!!!)
    I love page kits and always have leftovers as's amazing!

  4. Aren't leftovers awesome! Great job.

  5. Really nice paper you have on your layout. I'm realizing after just starting scrapbooking for a few months now. How much I enjoy looking through paper. Especially the pattern/design paper and seeing what I can come up with.


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