Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fancy favor baby bag

I recently ordered the Fancy Favor die.  This is the first 3-d die that I have.  I was excited to play with it for my first project and can't wait to see what else I can come up with!!  I can see me using this for little treat bags for my sons' classes, Halloween treats and  Valentine's Day.  My mind is busy!!!  :)
So here is my first project:
Fancy Favor Baby Bag!
I had two little gifts for my friend for her new baby, who I have to say, other than MY babies....might be the cutest baby!!!  Case is adorable!!!!  The Fancy Favor die popped into my mind!!!

I started off cutting out my box using the fancy favor die and crumb cake cardstock. 

I love finding dual uses for products.  While I was cutting out my box, I noticed the pretty scallops that make up the top of the box.  You can use the scalloped edges for a layer!  It would look great in a scrapbook or a card layer!  Just leave off the crease pad so the creases don't show up as well, and you have a layer edge just like you would use an edge punch!

See how pretty that edge is!!!!  I liked this picture because it shows the creases in the box too!  This die makes it VERY easy!!!

 I assembled my box using red sticky tape (available from Stampin' Up too!).  I recommend using sticky tape because regular adhesive won't hold your box as well and the box will come apart!  You don't need much of sticky tape, so a roll lasts a LONG time!!!

Now to decorate the box!!!

 I wanted to use the baby footprints from the Baby Prints stamp set.  I used a piece of Midnight Muse cardstock and shimmer paint in Frost.  If you have never worked with shimmer paint before, it is FUN!!!  Shimmer paint has a lot of uses.  One method, you can stamp with shimmer paint for a fun effect. 

 I used a sponge to apply the shimmer paint to my stamp and then stamped on my cardstock. 

I decided to test my results against the new Illuminate Shimmer Watermark ink pad.  I have used this pad on several projects lately.  Here is my comparison.

 I decided for this project I like the shimmer paint effect better, it seemed to give me a clearer image for this stamp.  They both have about equal shimmer though.  The shimmer paint is slightly more shimmery but it really is slightly more.  Either could be used for a lot of project.  You can make your own shimmer mist spray with shimmer paint.  I will post a project doing this in the future!

The new illuminate pad is pretty but the shimmer paint won for this project!

My next step was to cut out my footprints and start to layer them to add to the bag.  I used the First Edition DSP and two pieces of ribbon.  Add a little bling...and I had my piece done to add to the bag!!

This ribbon was two of my free ribbons I earned with my order in September!!  You got a free spool with every $40 order!  I have lots of ribbon now!!!  This is midnight muse and summer starfruit.  I hope they bring this special back in the future!!

I added my panel to my box and attached a piece of ribbon for a handle using a tiny attacher with tiny staples, easy!!  I added some tulle for decoration and I was done!!!  The brown ribbon was already on the taggie that I was giving her so I just tucked some Flander's Buttock Cream in there and present done!!!  Flanders is the BEST diaper cream EVER!!!  You can find it in Target but it is behind the counter, you have to ask the pharmacy for it.  No prescription is needed but it is stored in the Pharmacy Department. Seriously, nothing else compares! It does stain so make sure you don't wipe it on any clothes or your diaper pad.  I think a tube runs about $7.XX dollars.  Truely one of the best kept secrets out there!!
Hope you enjoyed the project! 


  1. I love the little box. So cute!!!

  2. What a great idea for giving the baby's gift. Thanks for comparing the shimmer paint to the illuminate pad.

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