Sunday, October 7, 2012

Add Paint = A Whole NEW Kitchen!!!

A couple of weeks ago, I had posted that I was having my kitchen cabinets painted.  We bought our house 10 years ago.  The kitchen was AWFUL!!! It had dusty blue counter tops, and worst, the counter tops went up the wall, so it was a LOT of dusty blue in the kitchen.  We replaced the counter top and retiled the back splash last year.  It was a big improvement but to me the kitchen still looked dated.  (We didn't build this house, we bought it from previous owners.....USED!! I always giggle at that, we bought a used house!!! but how else do you describe it??!)  The kitchen cabinets were what I call 80s oak cabinets. 

These are the cabinets with the doors off.  And as my sister told me, looks like gypsy lived here.  Okay, that was my project the next weekend....I cleaned out all the cabinets.  They look much better now.  I got rid of stuff that has been in there for YEARS!!!
In the middle of the project!!!  The doors and drawer fronts are all off and being painted in the garage!  Oh and I should tell ya, I didn't paint them!  I suck and also hate painting.  CP Builders did this project for me!!!  CP Builders is on Facebook so anyone local that is in need of home repairs or even needs a house built from the ground UP, contact them!  Joey is AWESOME!!!!

They used the Rustoleum Renovations kit to do the painting in the kitchen.  No sanding is the biggest plus!  You put the degreaser on which takes the gloss and top layer off your doors, then you paint, then you add glaze if you want and then the sealer.  Project done!!!
They offer the kit in many colors.  One of the decisions I had to make was how OR if I wanted glaze on them.  My first thought was yes, I wanted glaze.  They did me a panel with three options on it: the top had no glaze, the middle had glaze all over, the bottom had glaze in just the corners.
My first choice was the bottom option, glaze in just the corners.  It pops out the panels.  But looking at it more and more, I liked the glaze free option at the top a lot.  I am not really an oak person, it has to much grain for me.  With the glaze all over, it would pop out the grain in the wood, so where ever the grain was, the glaze would adhere to it more strongly.  I really didn't like that option.  It was between the top and the bottom.
This is a picture of the glaze all over. 
This is the glaze in the corners.  This is what I really thought I wanted.  My husband HATED this option.  He said up close it looks dirty.  Well, it does because the glaze sticks in the corners more.  I decided that I like the cabinets glaze free!  I like the clean crispy look it gave the cabinets!  I used a cream color.  My house is in tans and creams so this worked best and made the cabinets warm to me.
This shows how the cabinets work with my tan paint.  LOVE It!!!  And it pops out the rock feature over my sink.  But this picture did make me realize, I need a new kitchen phone.  We have cordless throughout the house, but this is the only plug in phone.  And apparently it is a little old!!!  I will be replacing it soon!!! 
Here are some after pictures!!!!
Ignore the tops of the counters (this picture was still mid progress and my floor is dirty!! but you get the picture!!).  New handles and hinges really completes and updates the look.
I know this post is not craft related but if anyone has ever thought about painting their cabinets....I would do it!!  I LOVE it!!!  My kitchen that used to be the eye sore of this house, is now pretty!!!  And here is the craft part: because I scrapbook and make cards, I think I am more daring to try things.  I had thought about painting the cabinets before but was scared to do it.  What if it doesn't turn out right?  What if it doesn't look good?  In my crafting, I just change it.  I work with it.  I take chances.  I finally thought, why not try it!! It is just paint!!! 
Hope you enjoyed this post!!


  1. I love your kitchen. So cute and the colors are great!!!

  2. Looks great Michelle! I LOVE your floor in the kitchen, too!

  3. They look great! GO DIYer! I plan to do a few things to my house this year too spice it up a little!

  4. Great choice! Good thing you didn’t go for the glazed thing. It does look dirty. :D You did a pretty good job; it’s as if I’m looking at a totally new kitchen. Kudos!

    - Mathew Bergeron -


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