Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sunshine Blog Hop!!!

I have been awarded the Sunshine Blogger Award by Doreena at: A Day in Doreen'a Life  .  Thanks Doreena!  This is a fun blog hop!!  My first that I am participating in!!!  Here is the DEAL-Y-O:
The official Sunshine Blogger Award rules are:
1. Include the award logo in blog post.
2. Thank the blogger who gave it to you and include a link back to them.
3. Answer 10 questions about yourself, that you have made up yourself.
4. Nominate 10-12 bloggers and contact them at their blog site to inform them
Easy enough, right???  I hope so!!!  I am going to say that I cheated!!  I googled some questions and I am going with that! 
Let me get started with my 10 questions about myself:
1.)  When was the last time you cried?  I cried on Monday....I was laughing so hard I was crying!!!  My sister told me about a book that is narrated by Samuel Jackson, called " Go the F**K to Sleep".  Yes, that is it's name.  I youtubed it and sure enough, it came right up.  I found it HYSTERICAL!!!!  We might not all say it, but we all have thought it AT LEAST ONCE!!! :)  Funny!!!  You gotta have a sense of humor in life especially being a parent.  And since that was an easy answer, I tell you when I was pregnant, I could not watch "A Baby's Story" without crying.  Much to my husband's annoyance!  He could not understand why it made me cry and why I continued to watch it!!!  LOL!!!
2.)  Summer or Winter?  When I was a kid, I would always say summer.  I love swimming, boating, anything on the water!  But as I have grown older, I get tired of those 90+ days with 100% humidity we get in the south. (the not hair friendly days!)  Now I say winter!  I love to get snuggled up with a good sweater, some leggings and some uggs.  No, I will not give up my uggs no matter if they go out of style!!
3.) Building on question 2's answer, how many pair of Uggs do you own?  At last count, I had 10 pairs of uggs, there is probably more than that now.  And I have my eye on another pair!!!!  Don't I need zebra print uggs????
4.)  Would you break the law to save a loved one?  Obviously there is some grey area here but overall my answer would be yes.  Especially when it comes to my kids and my husband!
5.) Do you believe in soul mates?  Not in the movie sort of way.  I don't think people meet, fall in love, and it is just easy peazy the rest of their lives.  Marriage is work, marriage is compromise.  I think you find someone that accepts you for who you are, and that makes a good marriage.  Soul mates?  I am not even sure what that means.  Clint and I laugh and have fun.  I think after 16 years together that is what gets us through.  We never stay mad long, just not in our personalities to do so.  We say what we mean, there is no grey with us.  If something upsets us, we say so.  And most of all we talk.  We genuinely like one another.  I think most marriages fail because one person doesn't accept the other for who they are.  Women are especially bad about this.  I can't tell you the number of friends I have had that start out saying, when I change this about him, or when he stops doing this.....??? What???  How is that ever going to work?  If leaving the toilet seat up bothers you when you are dating, guess what, it is gonna bug the crap out of you when you are married.  Either learn to live with it.....or move on!!!  (or find a man that doesn't leave the toilet seat up...LOVE YA CLINT!!!)
6.)  If you could be an actor or a singer, which would you be?  Actress.  I can't carry a tune in a bucket!!  But I can cry on cue!  Yes, that little trick used to get my sister into a lot of  trouble growing up!!!
7.) What is your biggest fear?  Spiders.  UGH...I can't even type any more about them!!!! 
8.)  What activity makes you lose track of time?  Reading a good book.  I love to read!  I have reread "Gone with the Wind" about 10 times.  And enjoyed it every time!! 
9.)  If you could do it all over again, would you change anything?  Hmmm. I would like to think I would be smarter.  Smarter in my choices, smarter with my time.  I couldn't change to much because I think we are a product of our experiences.  I like to think that I took something away from all the experiences I had. And that made me better, smarter, stronger. 
10.)  What is the motto you try and live by?  Live and let Live.  My father always gave the best advice.  He could listen and give advice.  He could appreciate that my choices were different from his choices in life.  I try and remember this with my three boys.  They may not always make the decisions that I would make but I can respect them as people as individuals enough to know:
 this journey in life, is theirs to make.  I am only a guide. 
Okay, that wasn't to bad!!!  Now to nominate others to join!  Please visit their blogs as well!!!

The New Stampin' Up Trimmer- Review

Last week I received my new Stampin' Up trimmer.  When the trimmer became available for demo orders, I immediately ordered.  My fiskars trimmer has been on its last leg for awhile.  I had been limping along until the Stampin' Up trimmer was released.  It is finally here!!!!
This is a light weight trimmer.  It does have replaceable blades. 
It features a 61/4" base and the ruler, when extended, extends to 141/2". 
A neat feature of the swing out arm is the little foot on the bottom to give it more stability when cutting.  I used it this whole weekend without the foot extended so for me, I probably don't need to use it often but maybe handy if I am cutting a lot.
The trimmer features two blades- one is the cutting blade (darker) one is the scoring blade (lighter one).  They both can stay on the trimmer at the same time.  I used both this weekend and I did find the score blade handy to have on my trimmer.  I didn't have to grab out my score board to make my card. 
This shows the blades underneath, you see the score blade very nicely here.  It does give a nice score.
The bottom of the trimmer features a storing compartment.  It shuts nicely and stays shut.  I can see storing my extra blades in here and never loosing them again!!!  I can't tell you how many times I have hunted and hunted for my blades before.  Only to have to buy more, and then find my blades later!!  UGH!!!  So this will be a great place to put them.  There is plenty of room here for other things.  Great place to put my business cards!!!  What else can I put in there????
The bottom also features feet to help the trimmer stay on your table!!
This is the base showing the measurements that you can measure!  This covers everything I need to measure!  The base is coated so the numbers are not going to wear off.  A nice grid base to help lining everything up.
Now this is one of the features that I think is GREAT!!  This little "lock" locks the blade flap in place.  Why is that important?  Well if you are going to a crop and traveling with your trimmer, this helps keep the blade flap down and less likely to break.  Ask me why this is important!!!!  YIKES!!!! 
Overall this is a nice trimmer that can cut in any direction.  It is a good lightweight trimmer.  My first thought was that I was going to have to give up my wire on my fiskars that tells me exactly where I am cutting.  But after using it this weekend, I didn't miss it at all!!! My cuts were nice and straight.  The wire on my fiskars is one of my complaints.  It has gotten warped out of shape so it looks like my cutter is cutting weird.  From what I read, this happens often with wire guides.  I didn't miss it this weekend and could see exactly where I was cutting. 
I recommend this trimmer for anyone looking for a lightweight portable trimmer.  The trimmer is not yet available for customer orders.  When it is available, the item number is #126889. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Last Halloween card of the season, Just SCRAPS!!

So if you have been following along with me during this Halloween season, you know that I have enjoyed making Halloween cards.  So with much sadness, I'll post my last Halloween card of the season......(no promises though, I might sneak another one in here and there!!!!).    Since it is the end of Halloween season, I wanted to use up this year's Stampin' Up paper pack.  I love this paper.  Great colors!  Great patterns!!  Just loved it!!! 
This is literally all I have left!!!  So this was my challenge: to make another Halloween card using up my scraps!
I picked out my stamp set that I wanted to start with.
This has been one of my favorite stamps out of the holiday catalog.
In keeping with my scrap theme, my card base is from left over scraps too.  This is a embossed piece but I could have easily embossed a piece of Basic Black.  I wanted to try something I never do on a card, I rounded the edges with my Crop-a-Dile Corner Chopper.  Not sure why I never think to do this but I like it and will probably try to use it more. 
I had been looking through the Stampin' Up catalog and had been looking at the Blue Ribbon stamp set.  That inspired me to try and make a Halloween ribbon.  I stamped and punched out my favorite guys from the stamp set.  I inked around the edges.
Here's my ribbon!

In digging around finding my scalloped punch, I saw my ribbon border punch.  Love this punch since it punches out pieces that look exactly like the ribbon SU sells!!!  Still using scraps, I punches out four "ribbons" and put them at the bottom of my card.
So this is the part of my card that was unplanned, as most of my cards start out.  I put my ribbon on the card with my four layers of ribbons at the bottom and it needed something.  But what???  A sentiment.  Then I remember my Border Banter set!  I love this set!  It can add just a little something extra.  A great accessories stamp set! 
Still keeping with using scraps, I stamped my SPOOKYCREEPY CRAWLY stamp and made a ribbon out of it.  Inked the edges to make it look more worn.  Now to put it on my card.  It didn't look right.......until I smooshed it and warped it to look like a ribbon!!!
If you noticed, I had to go back and add scraps of black paper to the bottom of my ribbons, they didn't stand out against the patterned paper enough, it was a quick and easy fix!!
I added a small button and DONE!!!
Thanks for stopping by today!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Stampin' Up Sale!!!!

Today is the day!!!!  15% off most stamps!!!!  Even the singles!!  This is a great deal!  I am placing an order for some of those stamps that have been on my wish list.  PLUS, there are some FREE, yes FREE digital downloads available!!  FREE!!!!    It is gonna be a great STAMPIN' day!!!!! 

Stamp Sale

Free digital downloads

Don't forget to check out the clearance rack while you are there.
Happy Shopping!!!

Update:  I finally got my order together and placed it online.  Stampin' wheels were not originally going to be part of the sale.  They are marked down!!!  I am not a huge "wheeler" but I do unmount them and cut them apart for more stamps!  Jolly Jingle Jumbo Wheel is a great example of a GREAT deal to unmount.  Think of all the sentiments you can get when cutting this wheel apart!!!!  12-15!!!!!!  WOW!!!!  That would be all the Christmas sentiments I would need!!!!  I put it on my order!! Not sure if they will correct the wheel prices or not, so don't delay!!!! I will do a blog post about unmounting this wheel when I receive my order.  I promise it is EASY!!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Leftover Paper Kit Challenge- to use it all!!!!

I love paper packs/kits.  All the paper matches.  It makes putting together some scrapbooking pages very easy.  One of my favorite parts of scrapbooking, is challenging myself to do something different.  I love trying to use up a paper kit, every little bit of the kit!!!!  This is what I started out with:

I had three patterned pieces of paper, one solid piece and one sticker sheet.  Okay, my challenge was to use this all on a layout.
This was my result!!  The patterned paper that I was left over with was big, cutting it up, helped me be able to use it.  The red solid paper was used to mat my main pictures.
The sticker sheet had enough stickers left to make a title.  Sometimes you have to be creative though! 
I love layers!  The sticker sheet also had some edge stickers, they worked well for layers!  And I love ripping!  How easy is ripping?!!!
I added some decorative tape to the pictures.  I love this tape, even though it is very subtle, I think it is cute! 
I loved these little stickers!  My journaling sticker didn't have enough room to put all the information on it, but these worked good for the basic information.
My journaling sticker!  I used a lot of this kit, but I still have a few pieces left over. My next layout using the leftover might be even harder!!!  Happy Scrappin'!!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Triple stamping wildlife card

Need a Happy Birthday card for a friend?  Maybe a favorite Uncle?  Grandfather?   This was my inspiration for this card.  Have a man in your life?  This would make the perfect card for him!!! 
 I am not doing a tutorial of this card because I just did a tutorial of the triple stamping technique.  See the following post:
You use the same measurements and technique to make this card, just a different stamp set. I kept the embellishments low key
 on this card.  I think the twine works well with the outdoor/male feel to this card.  No girly bling here!!! :) 
  Get out those stamps, and see what you can make with this technique!!!  It is a lot of fun!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Monday October 29th....BIG SALE DAY!!!

On Monday, October 29th, Stampin' Up is having a HUGE stamp sale!!!!  For 24 hours ONLY.....almost every stamp is going to be reduced 15%!!!!    I am ssssooooo excited!!!  All those stamps that are on my wish list are getting bought!!!! 

Also, Stampin' Up has added more single stamps!  Some of these are never been released before!!!  Love this!!!!!Here's what's included in the sale:
  • All stamps in the current catalog (YEA!)
  • Background stamps (YEA!)
  • Personalized name stamps (GREAT TIME TO BUY!)
  • Cookie press stamps (Think Christmas cookies!!!)
  • Single-image stamps (yes, they're included too) YEA! YEA!!!
The sale DOES NOT include

  • Bundled stamp sets or Hostess Sets 
  • Hostess Sets
  • Digital Stamp Brush Sets
There is no minimum purchase and no limit to the number of stamps you can order!!!!  The prices online should reflect the sale price ON MONDAY!!!!  This is a great time to try out Stampin' Up stamps if you have never tried them.  It is a great time to pick up your holiday stamps for your projects, it is just a great time to get stamps!!   Start making your lists!!!!

School Layout- Mentor

Happy Thursday!!!  Wow, these have been some busy weeks!  My older son plays soccer for his school. After this week, he will finish up the soccer season and head into the basketball season.   My middle son was on a junior basketball team for the school.  Fall Festivals, Church BBQs, school work, appointments, and oh work too!!!  Running, running, running!  I can't complain, not one bit!  It has been wonderful for both of them!  I have enjoyed it, they have enjoyed it, win win for all!!!  Sometimes when I get so busy, I forget to enjoy the small moments.  That's what my layout is about today.  Enjoying the small things.

This picture was taken of my older son and my middle son in school.  My children go to a Montessori school.  There are so many positives to Montessori...this is one of them! Montessori is all about the older kids mentoring the younger ones.  It is important to be a leader.   How proud I am to say that those are my boys!  They don't always get along, very often, they argue.  Kyle does not want his younger brother following him, he finds his younger brother annoying as many tweens do.  Owen looks up to Kyle.  He wants to do all the things Kyle can do. 
This picture was taken by one of Owen's wonderful teachers!  She texted it to me!  How proud am I??!!!!!!!  Kyle is in 5th grade and Owen is in 1st grade in this picture.
I love this tape. It is already distressed!!!  You can also see the distressing on the edges in this picture. 
One of my favorite tools is the tiny attacher.  It is so helpful!  I used it to attach the ribbon to the layout.
This is my title & subtitle.  I love big titles but sometimes big titles don't work. I loved these little cards that came with the paper pack.  I love taking paper and cutting it up to get some elements out of it.  Even the A+ star was on the page, I fussy cut it out and popped it up with some dimensionals.  I am not a huge lover of my handwriting but it is mine.  I am sure one day my kids will be glad I hand wrote  so much in my albums!
Here is my journaling for the layout.  Sometimes my layouts don't need titles.  But I would say 99% of my layouts have journaling.  If nothing more than a date and names.   I always try to journal.  I would say journaling is probably the MOST important element in my albums.  How has Fall kept you busy?  Getting any crafting done?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Triple stamping technique Halloween Card!

I have seen tons of triple stamping technique cards and finally decided, "I need to try that".  Off I went to look on the Internet to find out HOW to do the triple stamping technique.  For those that visit regularly, this is an odd card for me.  Why? Because for this card, you have to measure.  Yes, Use Measurements!!!!  I am a big believer that you just need to try things, adjust things to fit your style, your size that you like to work with, use colors that you have, so this card is out of my norm.  But, that's another thing, I love trying new things!!!!  This card is so much fun!!!  And honestly, I LOVED doing it!  I see more triple stamping cards in my future!! (hint! hint!)
I decided my first triple stamping card was going to be a Halloween card, because quite frankly, I am not sure we can have to many Halloween cards!  I LOVE making them!  The Ghouly Ghouls set was perfect for this card. 

The first step  for this card is to cut your layers.  Don't fret, I have up close pics of the sizes!!!  You need three layers, hence the triple part!  You need your stamping layer which is the top measurement.  I have the VV beside these measurements because it is for Very Vanilla.  This color needs to be light enough to stamp on.  Very Vanilla or Whispering White works well for this layer but feel free to experiment!  The other measurement is for the mat layer.  You can use any color for this.  In this card, I used basic black.

Starting at the smallest layer, these are the measurements.
This is the middle layer.

This is the final and biggest layer, your base layer.  Keep in mind, this layer needs to be scored in the middle at the 41/4" mark to make your base. 

On your smallest layer, add a sentiment if you want one.  Not all cards need or have to have a sentiment.  Be creative!  You can stamp it sideways, at the top, bottom, across the middle! 
This step is easy, layer the pieces on top of one another.  I used a smidge (official measurement there!) of snail on the back of each piece.  I then took my finger and pressed down on the smidge of snail to make it less sticky!  This is important so that the layers come apart easier later!  Do NOT stick these layers together with much snail!!!!  A little bit!!!!
I started with my lightest color ink I wanted to use.  I used Basic Grey on my little mummy guy.  You can use any colors of ink you want.  Get creative!!!  When You stamp, you act as though your layers are a flat ONE piece of paper, so stamp on all the layers!  It looks better if the images so off the page too, and very the direction of the images!
As you can see, I added my other characters.  The witch is in tangerine tango, the bats are in basic black and the spiders are basic grey.  Now that you have your pieces stamped, now it is time to separate them and add to your bases!
Take the layers off and adhere them to their mats. Since you used just a little bit of snail, they will come off very easily.
Now we begin stacking the mats back on to one another again.
This is a good time to add your ribbon.  I used bakers twine here.  Using the ribbon or twine on this layer will hide the twine between the base and top layers and adds just an extra touch to your card.
The last step is to adhere your layer to your base layer.  EASY!!!!  So much fun!!!!  I love this technique!!!!  I will be going through my stamps to see what other sets I can triple stamp!!!!  Hope you enjoyed!  What is a technique that you always wanted to try?  What is your favorite technique?
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