Thursday, September 6, 2012

Slow going here....

After enjoying a much needed break at the beach, it has been hard to get back into the groove!  With the kiddos starting school, you would think it would easier.  With soccer practice for one kid, basketball for the other, homework for three....geesh!!!!  Oh, and I am in the middle of a kitchen renovation!  I am finally having my cabinets painted!  So excited!  When I bought this house eleven years ago, I wanted to fix the kitchen.  It had awful blue counter tops that went UP the wall for a back splash.....that's a lot of country blue for me!!!!  Last year, we did the counter tops and back splash.  About six years ago, we pulled all the carpet out of the house and put down hardwoods.  The cabinets always bothered me though.   They are oak, which is just not really my style.  I am more of a maple gal!  But I really couldn't see putting the money into cabinets, when new cabinets wouldn't get me anymore room in storage.  I came across a blog that feature rustoleum's new cabinet transformations kit.  It requires no sanding, and you can use a glaze or no glaze.  We have a wonderful guy that does all the work at our house!!! And even painting....because I HATE painting!!!   CP Builders is wonderful!  Contact me if you live near the Charlotte area and need some work done!  Joey is going to paint my cabinets for me!  My kitchen currently does not have any doors on them and have been degreased (or stripped) ready for the first coat of paint!!  I can't wait to see what they look like tonight when I get home from work and kids' practices!!! I will be sure to post pictures when they are all done. 
So this is really a post about, when real life gets in the way of my crafting!!!!!  LOL!!!  I have two banners for a baby shower to get done this weekend.  I want/need to get some more scrapbooking done!  I now have another trip to scrap!!!  Trips are my favorite thing to scrap!  I love remembering all the silly, fun things we did on a trip together!  And since I signed up to be room parent for one of my kid's class, I guess I need to start getting some stuff done for them too!!!!  What are your current projects or need to do items???? 
Hope to have some CRAFT items up soon!!!!

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