Saturday, September 29, 2012

Magazine scraplifts!

I was in the middle of recycling some magazines (be a friend to the earth!) and stopped myself! I put the Creating Keepsakes magazine on the counter. I had already read the magazine. I knew I was going to be scraping later so I figured I'd save it till I was done.
When I sat down to scrap, I noticed the magazine again. I started flipping through it and got inspired by a layout, so I decided to scraplift it!! All three of these layouts were scraplifts from the same magazine! The great thing is that it gave me new ideas for my albums! I used what paper worked with my photos and changed some other elements. It was a fun day scraplifting some beautiful designs! Try it! Get your favorite scrap magazine or book out and scraplift a design! When I scraplift, it gets me to do more layers than I normally wood. In one of these layouts, it got me to turn my layout to the side on the page, which I never do but is a fun feature to do!!!

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