Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cricut Carts- how in the world do you store these??? A Solution!!!

I have had my cricut since they first came out.  It is my only electrical cutting machine.  I love my big shot for manual cutting and I would say, my big shot gets the most use and is easier to use.  BUT, I do have a cricut expression and I do love it.  My cricut doesn't get the love that it once it, but I am glad I have it when I am doing a big project.  I do a lot of bulletin board projects for my sons' school.  My cricut has enabled me to cut REALLY cute projects out!   I have a lot of carts after collecting them over the years.  What to do with them all??  The boxes are nice, but VERY bulky!!!  I finally asked myself why am I storing these huge boxes and taking up tons of room....for the nice pictures on the boxes??  That's crazy!!!  Once I let go that I HAD to have the boxes, storage became easy!!!  Here is my solution:

After many attempts at organizing, this method has worked best for me. All carts/ overlays/ books are in separate bags and organized in alphabetically order. The letters wrote on the containers are done in copic so if I need to expand one drawer, I can easily wipe with alcohol and rewrite the labels! Very portable and works best for me!!! There are currently 91 carts (okay maybe more!!!  ssshhh)  in these containers and plenty of room for more!!! These containers are from Target, I also use the same ones for my punches, works like a charm!
So get out there and ORGANIZE!!!!


  1. That's a great tip, I only have enough to cover a small shelf but I have thought of buying the green case for them but thought I might forget about them in there?

  2. You won't forget them because you have to have the carts for the cricut to work. I do have a gypsy so I able to search all my images as well!!

  3. I love the organization. I've had no problem using your stash this way. :)


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