Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Have you ever Zentangled???  I call this adult doodling!!!  And another reason to color!  Zentangles are super fun!  I am certainly no artist! I will go as far to say, I have NO drawing all!!!!  If you told me I had to draw a straight line to save my life, well...the outcome wouldn't be good!  But I wanted to give Zentangles a try.  It is super fun!  No rules, just divide your paper up into small sections and create your pattern.  There are tons of websites online that can help you with beginner patterns.  After awhile, I made up my own!!!  Now I am not saying they are good patterns!!!  LOL!!  But they were relaxing to do!  I have even heard of teachers teaching kids to tangle.  Why??  After a student completes a test, they often have to sit still until others in the class are done.  What can they do???  TANGLE!!!!!  I thought this was a great idea during standardized testing! 
I did three layout with zentangles on them.  These were pictures at Disney with the various characters.  I really didn't know how to scrap them.  The colors were all kinds of crazy, not colors that I use a lot.  So this was how I ended up scrapping them.  It was fun to do!  Have you ever zentangled???


  1. I have seen zentagles on Pinterest but it never got my attention. I have plenty of time to do this now that we are slow at work.


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