Thursday, August 7, 2014

Throw Back Thursday- Stampin' Up Keepsake Ornaments stamps and Framelits! So easy a Kid can do it!!!!

TBT POST!!!  Time when I revist a post or project.  I have made no secret that I love the Stampin' Up Keepsake Ornaments stamp set with matching framelits.  They are surprisingly still available this year!  If you don't have this set in your collection- I believe it is a must have item!  I have made Christmas ornaments, a 4th of July ornament, a Halloween ornament (2 actually!) all with this set!!  I can't see me ever getting rid of this set!  So if you don't have it need to snag it before they retire it!!!!  It is so easy....yes, even a kid can make these!  Enjoy the post from a couple of years ago....this is Kyle now:

I can't believe he is in driving school this week!!!  YIKES!!!!! 
Enjoy the TBT post!!!  

Let me introduce my oldest son, Kyle!

Isn't  he handsome??!!!!! HI KYLE!!!!!  LOVE him!!!!! 
Okay, why do I post pictures of my 12 year old on a crafting blog???  As you know I have made several "ornaments" using the new Stampin' Up Ornament Bundle .  There are many people asking for directions on how to make this.  It is SERIOUSLY easy!!!  I have tried to show step by step pictures, why?  Because I am a visual person!!!  Give me a menu that has a PICTURE of the item I might order....chances are I will order it over one with just a description!  If I can see it, I can make it.  I think I overthink...heehee....things to much, especially when I am writing.  Hence, I think this is why I am not a writer!!!!  :)  Anyways...just to prove to you that making the ornament is is my TWELVE YEAR OLD's ornament that he made.....keep in mind, he picked the papers, he picked the ribbon and he picked the image to emboss.  He is a big hunter and has a wildlife Christmas tree, he wants to put this on his Christmas tree!!!

He did this all on his own!!!!  Yes, YOU can make this!!!! 


  1. Hi Kyle! You did a great job on your ornament!

    Being from the Show Me State, I always say "show me!" I am a visual person also, the more pictures, the better.

  2. Wow Kyle. You rocked the ornament!!!

  3. Great ornament. Love it! Can't wait to try something similar. I just became a follower. Found you on the blog thread over at I just created a NEW blog at www.kristinscraftcorner.blogspot. I will start posting in the next week or so. Spending the last week of summer vacation hanging out with the kids. Hope you will stop over and check me out and become a follower.

  4. Thank you everyone! Kyle is grinning that people love his ornament!!! He wants to do another one so maybe I will post his next creation too!!! Kristin- your website link doesn't it http:// or www?? I would love to be a follower!!!!

  5. Yes! Post his next ornament, would love to see it.

  6. Oh Kyle this is an awesome idea for the guy projects! I was asked to work with our local Boy Scouts on some projects...THANK YOU!


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