Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Over 3,000 visits!!!!!

I am so pleased to log on today and notice I have had over 3,000 visits and 11 followers!!!!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!  I love crafting and love even more making new friends through crafting!  And catching up with old friends too!!!!!  I am enjoying blogging and sharing my creations with everyone so once again thanks!!!!!
Much CRAFTING love,


  1. I have had a very busy spring and summer (had no idea we would be so busy at work!!) and the last month and a half have been super stressful, so I needed "something" and then you started blogging, it made me want to get back to mine.

    I even got my scrapbook out. I am going to finish up some pages and I am planning some LO's. So, thank you for blogging.

  2. Oh Tammy I am so glad you enjoy it! I am having the most fun! It has spured me to try new things and to "produce" some craft items! Make sure you post pictures of your LO on facebook!!!! I love talking crafts!!!


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