Thursday, August 9, 2012

Idea for $.99 fabric deal- Edited for Instructions

Thanks to a GREAT demo, Jenny, for making these beautiful fabric rosettes!!! Great idea to use for those $.99 fabric swatches!!!!! I will post directions later, I am currently at the CKC show! Happy crafting!

Finally getting back to normal after three days of CKC!!  I had FUN!!!! Lots of shopping and took three classes and one crop!  My friend Jenny made the flower pictured here.  They are made with using the Jumbo Sticky Rounds  .  There are actually Stampin' Up directions printed on the back of the package of the rounds on how to make these.  Basically you tie a knot in your fabric or ribbon and stick the knot in the middle of your jumbo sticky round.  Now, you simple start to wrap the fabric or ribbon around the knot.  You have to twist the fabric into a STRAND so that you can wind it around your knot.  Getting started is the hardest part, once you  get it started to circle around your knot, you simple keep going until you run out of room on your jumbo sticky round.  Doesn't that make sense???!  I hope to make more soon and will post pictures of mine with pictures of the progress.  I used my friend's flower...THANK YOU JENNY FOR LETTING ME SHARE YOURS!!...because hers looked better than mine.  You need to tightly twist fabric!!!  As well as ribbon!  Jenny made three or four of them in one crop, each one looking better and better!!!  Just practice!  and don't give up, they are easy to make!!! 

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