Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How to store your framelits

A lot of people ask, what is the best way to store framelits or nesties? Let me share what works for me. I use a stamp binder. There are ones that zip as well, Tim Holtz binders zip.I don't need a zip binder for framelits because the magnetic sheet keeps them from falling out!  (getting to that part though!)  I got this binder at Hobby Lobby just to try a stamp binder.  I can't remember the  price but it was under $15 if I remember correctly.  I got the idea to put my framelits in it when collection started getting bigger! I used the stamp pages that go with the binder, they have great pockets. The pages were bought at Hobby Lobby as well but I am sure you could find them at other stores too.   I get magnetic vent covers at Home Depot or Lowes (in the aisle with filters for your heat pump) and cut them down to fit in the pockets. Framelits will stick to the magnetic part making it easy to take it in pocket protector. I like having all my framelits in one spot, i can flip through and decide which one i want to use on a project. With all of the in one spot, i never "forget" a set that i have! What?? Actually use all the crafting stuff i bought! Amazing! :) I label the names with my label maker so I can keep track of the sets I have. This binder has 12 sets in this binder and still have plenty of room for more! Hope this helps you store your framelits for fast and easy use!


  1. This is a great idea. If I get bigger dies that don't fit in my holder, I think I'll use this idea. I think I have a few half-size binders lying around here.

  2. Great idea! I am storing mine on the sheets but in frames on my wall. I have wallspace and I like to see what I have and it is my "art" for now. Your layouts are lovely. I popped over from SCS, and am glad to see you are enjoying blogging. I am new since March and LOVE it.."virtually" meeting people is a hoot and I have learned a lot.

  3. Hmm I have the sheets now I just need to cut them and decide how to store them. I might need to do some shopping for something. :)

  4. Wonderful idea. Thanks so much for sharing!


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