Friday, August 3, 2012

Fourth of July Star

I wanted to try out the ornament framelits with just patterned paper.  What to make??  hmmmm....I had some Fourth of July-ish paper laying I thought I would play.  I like Fourth of July okay, but my sister LOVES it!!! So this ornament was  made with her in mind!!  I am calling this one a Fourth of July Star as I tried to make the shape more starish than circular, not sure if you can even tell in the photos or not, it is very slight.  Anyways....I started cutting out my base layers. 

Attached all prongs of my star to a circle (cut with a circle punch) using hot glue.  As you can see, the circle looks isn't, is the same pattern paper but flipped over so in case you see the back side of my star, it will look pretty since this will be covered up by my rosette!

See bottom circle is covered and hides all your glue lines and yuckiness!!!! 

Final project:

I added some stickers that I had using hot glue as well!!!  Fourth of July Star DONE!!!!!  The Ornament Bundle set  is a GREAT purchase.  I have done Halloween, Christmas, and now Fourth Of July with this set!  You can use the set with the stamps or mix it up and use just the framelits for a different look!!  I have really enjoyed this set!!!  Thanks for looking!!!  Leave me a comment and give me some more ideas to make with this set!!!  Anything you would like to see??


  1. Love!

    Thank for the tip to attach your paper the right way as to show the pattern on the back.

  2. great job on the patriotic star! Jan Hoyt O'Fallon, IL


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