Thursday, August 16, 2012

Button & Brad Storage

What do you do with all your buttons and brads? I needed something portable that I could take with me to crops but not lose anything. My friend and Stampin' Up upline had the best solution, craft jewelry holders!!! I love these things!!! They hold a Ton of buttons or brads, as you can see! I have two one just for buttons and one just for brads and some eyelets. They lock!!!! Yes lock!!! Once snapped shut, you have to push in the side button to open individual compartments. That makes them travel wonderfully! No spilled brads when you get to your crop! It keeps the brads or buttons from mixing up with one another which is a huge pet peeve of mine! I hate sorting through brads to find the ones that match! I got my containers at Michaels, I am sure all the large chains carry them. Look in the jewelry making section! I even label mine so I can see what Stampin' Up collection it is!!! Hope this helps someone! What is your best craft storage idea??


  1. and you're welcome. :) I love all this organization and I'm not sure how I ever cropped without them this way before. LOL

  2. I like these and use them for small stuff that I want portable. One thing to note is, I slipped a couple of them down into my tool organizer (out of the purple tote), and one time I put it in there with the lock pointed down. The weight of itself pushed the lock in and all my beads poured down into my bag. Not fun!

  3. I agree Jenny!!! It makes taking those items really easy! Good to know about watching which way the button points down!!! I sometimes only take one or two of them to a time I will watch in my cady!!!! Thanks!!!!


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