Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Biggest project

I am currently planning my biggest stamping project ever!!!  I thought making 14+ advent calendars was a big undertaking!  And they were!!!  I think I got my money out of my 25& Counting Stampin' Up set!! This year,  I am going to attempt to make all our Christmas cards this year.  Now this might not seem like a lot to some, but I am making them for family and friends but also for our two companies' Christmas cards!!!!  I am thinking of at LEAST 100 cards!!!  Maybe more.  This will probably become my biggest undertaking yet.  I am experimenting with my card mock up. (I make a test card of anything I want to reproduce, I might make two or three until I get everything I want just right).  Once my mock up is to my liking.....I will start mass producing!!!!  I am excited!!!  So much stamping to do!!!!  It is August....when do you think I will be done???  LOL!!!!  OH....and they have to be done for THIS Christmas!!!!  LOL!!!
What is the biggest project you have done???
Thanks for sharing!


  1. Whoa! That's alot of cards! Can we place bets on when you will be done?? I say Nov. 3.

    I would definitely pick a simple design. Maybe change up the DSP if you use it and the colors. Like if you use regular Christmas red and green, maybe switch up with blue and white for some of them.

    Can Kyle help you?

  2. I have already had to revamp my mock up....WAY to much fussy cutting so I am changing it!!! I expect to change it up a couple of times before I am 100% happy!!


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