Thursday, August 30, 2012

Stampin' Up Ghoulish Bundle

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Clear mount stamps or wood mount stamps

Here is a video about the difference in clear mount stamps and wood stamps.Videos have been fun!!  What would you like to see a video done about???  Drop me a comment and let me know!   Thanks for looking!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Digital Scrapbooking FREE offer!

Have you wanted to try digital scrapbooking?  Want to make your own photo Christmas cards?
Try out the new MDS 2 from Stampin' Up for FREE for 30 days.


Express yourself and impress your friends when you create projects using MDS 2, My Digital Studio’s digital design software.

With the FREE 30-day trial, you’ll get:
* Full access to the software at NO COST for 30 days
* Full access to design tools to create cards, photobooks, calendars, and more
* Full access to a sample of exclusive artwork from MDS 2+
* The chance to buy additional downloads that you can keep after your trial expires
* Ability to order your projects from our professional print services

Give it a try!  You instantly can download it to your computer!  Try it for 30 days!!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My unconventional Christmas card

Let me start by explaining my Christmas card!!! My husband and I own two construction companies. One is a grading contractor and the other one,  we recycle concrete. Clear as mud, right? Basically, we deal with big trucks, backhoes, dozers, you get the picture! Every year, I special order construction cards. But after playing around with the I Dig You Stampin Up set, which is one of my favorite sets! I thought, why not make my cards this year!!! It is gonna be a big project because I send them to family and friends but also to customers! I have been designing cards and playing around, and finally have my sample card! I still have leeway in the design to use different embossing folders and a couple different aspects I can change up to do sets of 15-20 of the same and not get to bored but keeping to the same basic design. Here are two of them, I used different embossing folders and framelits on these to show some variation. What crafts are you making for Christmas?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How to store your framelits

A lot of people ask, what is the best way to store framelits or nesties? Let me share what works for me. I use a stamp binder. There are ones that zip as well, Tim Holtz binders zip.I don't need a zip binder for framelits because the magnetic sheet keeps them from falling out!  (getting to that part though!)  I got this binder at Hobby Lobby just to try a stamp binder.  I can't remember the  price but it was under $15 if I remember correctly.  I got the idea to put my framelits in it when collection started getting bigger! I used the stamp pages that go with the binder, they have great pockets. The pages were bought at Hobby Lobby as well but I am sure you could find them at other stores too.   I get magnetic vent covers at Home Depot or Lowes (in the aisle with filters for your heat pump) and cut them down to fit in the pockets. Framelits will stick to the magnetic part making it easy to take it in pocket protector. I like having all my framelits in one spot, i can flip through and decide which one i want to use on a project. With all of the in one spot, i never "forget" a set that i have! What?? Actually use all the crafting stuff i bought! Amazing! :) I label the names with my label maker so I can keep track of the sets I have. This binder has 12 sets in this binder and still have plenty of room for more! Hope this helps you store your framelits for fast and easy use!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Kiwi Lane templates

I have spent the weekend playing with my Kiwi Lane templates. They are a fun way to layer paper letting your paper be the embellishments. They are something different for my albums. Here are some layouts I made with the templates.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Quint-Essential Flower

I have said before I am not a huge flower user...I guess I think they are to girly for me. But I do use them occasionally.  When I got the Stampin' Up catalog, I actually overlooked this stamp set until my friend pointed out to me how many combinations could be done with this stamp set!  I love coordinating!  I love being able to use punches or framelits to quickly cut images out.  I love the new Quint-Essential Flower Stamp !  You can use the several of the punches to cut out different layers of your flower!  Pop them up with dimensionals and you made yourself your own embellishments!!!! 

The colors used are the incolors inks and paper!!!  Love these!!!


Thursday, August 16, 2012


Button & Brad Storage

What do you do with all your buttons and brads? I needed something portable that I could take with me to crops but not lose anything. My friend and Stampin' Up upline had the best solution, craft jewelry holders!!! I love these things!!! They hold a Ton of buttons or brads, as you can see! I have two one just for buttons and one just for brads and some eyelets. They lock!!!! Yes lock!!! Once snapped shut, you have to push in the side button to open individual compartments. That makes them travel wonderfully! No spilled brads when you get to your crop! It keeps the brads or buttons from mixing up with one another which is a huge pet peeve of mine! I hate sorting through brads to find the ones that match! I got my containers at Michaels, I am sure all the large chains carry them. Look in the jewelry making section! I even label mine so I can see what Stampin' Up collection it is!!! Hope this helps someone! What is your best craft storage idea??

My proud moment!

Congrats to my son Kyle for making his school soccer team! Go Mustangs!!!! Now back to crafting! :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I love pinterest!

I have been meaning to share some of my pinterest projects that I have done. I enjoy pinning, maybe even addicted! :) I even have boards that include projects from the current idea book and current holiday catalog. I have even seen boards set up by stamp sets! Check out my pinterest and follow me, I always follow back!!
Pinterest is better the more people you follow! I am honored when someone pins my work! Follow my link to my boards!
Okay, now to share a project. This is one of my favorites! Father's Day was approaching and as usual, I had no idea what to get my husband. I looked on pinterest! My husband has everything he wants and buys what he needs. I hate buying him clothes for a gift since he only wears two types of shirts, polos for work and tee shirts for off days. So what to get him??? Something with the boys would be good! I found a photo idea that I loved! The boys would wear his work boots! I loved it!!! My oldest is 12 and I had to laugh that he isn't far off from wearing his dad's shoe size! Clint wears a men's 14 and our son at 12, wears a men's size 10.5!!! Yikes! Here is the photo, I loved how it turned out! The back drop is an old barn on our farm! I think it was perfect!!!
What are some of your best pinterest finds? Favorite projects? Are you pinning only or doing as well??!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sharing another layout

I did this layout using the Stampin' Up In Colors. I love these colors!
Happy Crafting!

Last layouts from CKC!

Here are my last layouts. I had a great time, learned some new things that I plan on using soon! Got some girl time! Overall, GREAT CKC 2012!!!
Have you been to a crafting convention? What and where? Leave me a comment!

What are your no-go colors?

For me, I don't use much pink. I have three boys so pink just isn't used in my craftroom. I like it but have a hard time using it on a layout with three rough and tumble boys! I like this layout enough but did have to dig for a photo for it. A picture of Kyle as a baby seemed fitting. What color do you NOT use? Leave me a comment!

Flowers? Like them or hate them?

I am not a huge flower person. Maybe it is to girly for me? I like distressed flowers, plain flowers, unusual flowers. We were taught how to roll the layer (yellow) flower made with a strip of ribbon. The technique was good, I will use it on another layout soon! Good use for that $.99 fabric I ordered!!!

Not my thing...

When you go to scrapbooking or stamping conventions, there are bound to be layouts that are not your style. This layout is it for me, to much embossing, shinning, bronzed, not my colors or style, BUT, I did the layout in our large class that we did layouts from many different vendors. I did it, used it, now I moving on!!! Lol! Just because this isn't my style, that doesn't mean it is wrong, I am sure there are plenty of people who like it. That's why there are so many different products on the market!
Find your style and enjoy!

Inking in Layouts

Don't forget to ink your edges! They make your whole layout pop! Also, using your paper to its max...if you have paper that you can cut up for it!!! Don't be afraid to cut that paper!!!

Another Layout done!

Here is another layout. This one was fun to make the flowers, I use that term loosely. Roughly cut circles, crumble them up as if you were throwing a piece if trash away, open them back up, and layer. Totally fun!!!

Grid Layouts

This was a fun layout, totally out of my element. We used a grid paper to map our squares out on. You can also take a large photo and cut it up on the grid as well.

#5 and #6 layout

This layout was from a gift certificate that I won to a laser layouts. I was able to pick out three layouts. I just had to add pictures. Fun and quick!

#4 Layout

This layout was pretty easy and straight forward using an embellishment sticker sheet. Banners!!! Love banners! I hand wrote my title for something different here.

#2 Layout

Here is my second layout, another 2 page layout. I only bought the second page if I liked the LO. I used this one for my oldest son's first day of preschool pictures, yeah, I am a little behind! Lol! This one was using banners. Banners are very hot right now! You don't have to be perfect when you cut them, you can use a square punch or just eyeball it! Inking all edges really help layers to pop!

The First of my LOs from Ckc!

As y'all know, I attended the CKC show this weekend! Had a great time, I did a crop and three classes. You never know what to expect with the classes, but overall was very happy with them this year. I had a ton of LOs half done or done. Most LOs we did in class were one page LOs but most booths had the second page for a low price or free after spending a certain dollar amount. I had time today to finish all my convention LOs, so I have tons to share! Let me share my first LO. For this layout, we cut up a accessories pack to add to the layout. Also don't forget paperclips as embellies! We also learned how to create a false photo strip. Adhere your photos to a strip of black paper, leave a little extra on the edges to create the "dots". I found it easiest to cut down the photos i wanted to use to all the same size then adhere to the black strip of paper. To add the dots to create the strip, you can use a white pen or you can use a micro hole punch. I used a white pen.
This one I really liked! Hope you enjoy!



Very rarely do I do a layout of me, but this funky paper really called to me! In class, we learned how to take a very busy background paper and cover sections of it so it isn't do overwhelming! Great idea!!!


Friday, August 10, 2012

Shopping Day at CKC!!! PHOTOS ADDED!

Today was our shopping day at the CKC show.  Boy, am I beat!!!!  Walking, walking, walking.......but it was so much fun to see all the different vendors and what everyone was offering!!  My favorite find was an old little dictionary at a vintage booth....I LOVE it!!!  The pages are old and worn, just a great vintage piece! I was so surprised to find so many cool vintage pieces in this one booth, old letters, old school items, flash cards, even vintage salt and pepper shakers (to put your glitter in for your craft room!)  I plan on ripping the pages out to use as mats or accents on pages or cards.  I will take some pictures later this weekend when I unpack everything. Happy Crafting!!

Here are some photos of my book that I got!  Can you just imagine the pages and cards I can create!!!!


Thursday, August 9, 2012

CKC show

I am attending the Creating Keepsakes Convention in Charlotte this weekend.  I have had my tickets FOREVER!  So excited that it is finally here!!!  Today, My friend and I did a preview crop from 12-5pm.  It wasn't crowded at all which was GREAT!!!  They gave away a lot of items, lots of little freebies!  I even won a pack of paper!!!  Then we stayed for a technique workshop this evening from 6:30-9:30pm.  It was FAST paced!!  Different vendors came in and had page kits that we did, most were one page kits, with a certain technique highlighted on the page.  I did learn how to make a really cute flower tonight that I will be doing a post about! It is one that I think I will easily work into my layouts!   So easy! And so much fun!!!  I will do a post about it later and show some step by step photos!!!  A great start to a crafting weekend!!! 

Idea for $.99 fabric deal- Edited for Instructions

Thanks to a GREAT demo, Jenny, for making these beautiful fabric rosettes!!! Great idea to use for those $.99 fabric swatches!!!!! I will post directions later, I am currently at the CKC show! Happy crafting!

Finally getting back to normal after three days of CKC!!  I had FUN!!!! Lots of shopping and took three classes and one crop!  My friend Jenny made the flower pictured here.  They are made with using the Jumbo Sticky Rounds  .  There are actually Stampin' Up directions printed on the back of the package of the rounds on how to make these.  Basically you tie a knot in your fabric or ribbon and stick the knot in the middle of your jumbo sticky round.  Now, you simple start to wrap the fabric or ribbon around the knot.  You have to twist the fabric into a STRAND so that you can wind it around your knot.  Getting started is the hardest part, once you  get it started to circle around your knot, you simple keep going until you run out of room on your jumbo sticky round.  Doesn't that make sense???!  I hope to make more soon and will post pictures of mine with pictures of the progress.  I used my friend's flower...THANK YOU JENNY FOR LETTING ME SHARE YOURS!!...because hers looked better than mine.  You need to tightly twist fabric!!!  As well as ribbon!  Jenny made three or four of them in one crop, each one looking better and better!!!  Just practice!  and don't give up, they are easy to make!!! 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

$.99 FABRIC!!!!!

A GREAT deal!!!!  Stampin' Up has four different packs of fabrics for $.99...yes, $.99!!!!  They won't last long at this price!  Get them quick!!!!

Springtime Vintage Fabric

Sweet Stitches Fabric

Deck the Halls Fabric

Candy Cane Fabric

Hope that someone can take advantage of this deal!!!!!


Have you ever Zentangled???  I call this adult doodling!!!  And another reason to color!  Zentangles are super fun!  I am certainly no artist! I will go as far to say, I have NO drawing all!!!!  If you told me I had to draw a straight line to save my life, well...the outcome wouldn't be good!  But I wanted to give Zentangles a try.  It is super fun!  No rules, just divide your paper up into small sections and create your pattern.  There are tons of websites online that can help you with beginner patterns.  After awhile, I made up my own!!!  Now I am not saying they are good patterns!!!  LOL!!  But they were relaxing to do!  I have even heard of teachers teaching kids to tangle.  Why??  After a student completes a test, they often have to sit still until others in the class are done.  What can they do???  TANGLE!!!!!  I thought this was a great idea during standardized testing! 
I did three layout with zentangles on them.  These were pictures at Disney with the various characters.  I really didn't know how to scrap them.  The colors were all kinds of crazy, not colors that I use a lot.  So this was how I ended up scrapping them.  It was fun to do!  Have you ever zentangled???

Biggest project

I am currently planning my biggest stamping project ever!!!  I thought making 14+ advent calendars was a big undertaking!  And they were!!!  I think I got my money out of my 25& Counting Stampin' Up set!! This year,  I am going to attempt to make all our Christmas cards this year.  Now this might not seem like a lot to some, but I am making them for family and friends but also for our two companies' Christmas cards!!!!  I am thinking of at LEAST 100 cards!!!  Maybe more.  This will probably become my biggest undertaking yet.  I am experimenting with my card mock up. (I make a test card of anything I want to reproduce, I might make two or three until I get everything I want just right).  Once my mock up is to my liking.....I will start mass producing!!!!  I am excited!!!  So much stamping to do!!!!  It is August....when do you think I will be done???  LOL!!!!  OH....and they have to be done for THIS Christmas!!!!  LOL!!!
What is the biggest project you have done???
Thanks for sharing!

Over 3,000 visits!!!!!

I am so pleased to log on today and notice I have had over 3,000 visits and 11 followers!!!!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!  I love crafting and love even more making new friends through crafting!  And catching up with old friends too!!!!!  I am enjoying blogging and sharing my creations with everyone so once again thanks!!!!!
Much CRAFTING love,

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What else do you do???

I love to scrapbook, I love to make cards, I love to make banners, I love pretty much any kind of paper you can tell!!!  But what else do I love to do???  I have cross stitched for a long long time. I remember cross stitching as a little girl.  The patterns are better now! More colorful, more variety!  I used to do big projects, but for the last several years, I have enjoyed doing smaller projects.  I don't get bored because I can finish them really quickly even though I do a set of four to go together on my board.   My dad made me a wooden peg board before he died.  It is one of my prized possessions!!  I love that he made it for me but I also love to cross stitch new seasonal designs for my board.  After my dad passed away, I wanted a new board for another area of my house, with much work, I finally found a board in a craft store and my husband, who HATES wood working.....helped me, helped me!  I painted my second one black for a more updated look.  I still love my original wood grain board, but my black one is great too!  My uncle recently helped my mom make a longer board for me, so I can put bigger frames on it- hence I can stitch bigger seasonal designs. I don't have any pictures of my bigger board yet because I have just now started to make bigger designs.  For that board, I found 4X6 frames at Michaels.  Okay, now none of this makes sense....without pictures!!!  So here are some of my cross stitch projects and it shows the boards as well!!! 

This is my original board with my Trilogy summer set on it.  The frames, are pottery barn Christmas ornaments!!  They work perfectly!!!!

My newer board with another summer set on it!

I have different sets for seasons.  I am currently working on a set for Fourth of July.  A little late for this year but I will be thrilled to use them next year! 
This is my second hobby.  Leave me a comment and let me know what other hobbies you enjoy!!!! And as always, thanks for visiting!
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