Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Very first card

We all start out somewhere.  I mostly scrapbook.  I scrap a lot.  Cards are all new to me.  But what better way to use up scraps???  This was my first attempt at making a card.  I had some scraps left over out of a paper pack and some accessories...put them together and I had a baby card!!!  Wonder where to start???  check out my next post!!!!!! 

Notice my new watermark???  still learning!!!!!

I did this card about two years ago.  And then it began!!!!


  1. I love your card! What a great start - can't wait to see what else you make. I don't scrapbook but would love to try!

    Gill x

  2. See my next post!!! Scrapbooking is easier than cards IMO. You have more room for all those extras!!!!

  3. I think your first card is great!


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