Thursday, July 19, 2012

Using the Same Sketch- TIP TIME!

It is tip time!!!!! 
When I am scrapbooking, I tend to scrap out of order.  Why?  In a nut shell, I get bored easily AND my boys like to see pictures of themselves in the scrapbooks.  I normally have three albums going at any given time.  This is easily done by using 3 ring albums which are my favorite type of albums.  I HATE post albums.  I might be crafty but those darn post albums kick my butt all the time.  I discovered three ring albums work best for me.  I can put my layout in it's page protector and move it very easily around the album as I finish pages.  So now that gets to the next part of this tip time.......SKETCHES. Sketches, as I have said before, are great time savers.  They get the creative juices flowing.  If I want to get a lot done in a short amount of time, sketches are always the way I go!  I will do one layout with a sketch and if I am scrapping all weekend long at a retreat, I will use the same sketch again for a different picture.  Why?  Because I already figured out the sketch (meaning where to put what paper pattern, any changes I want to make).  It saves me a BUNCH of time.  And because I skip around, the two layouts are never side by side in my albums. 
Here is another example of the same sketch that I used twice...and just changed it around:

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  1. Love how you used the same sketch on those but the came out so different!! great LO's


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