Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Stamp Storage and Organization

I love stamps!!!  I use stamps to make my own embellishments, make titles, and create cards.  I have been collecting stamps for over 15 years.  I have quite a collection!  And sometimes I forget what stamps I have or a I need a sentiment and just can't remember where I have a certain stamp stored.  Going through all the stamps I have is a pain so I created by stamp binder.  This method works best for me. 
My stamp binder

When I first started this binder, I stamped all my stamps onto 81/2 X11 paper.  Beside all the images, I put a code.  The code tells me where I have that stamp set stored.  I have them divided into categories such as sentiments, shapes, Christmas, Halloween and alphabet.  This makes it easy for me to find an image that I want.  Some of my stamps are in two categories- this is because when I would go looking for it, I might look for it in either of these categories.  EXAMPLE:  A Christmas sentiment would be under SENTIMENTS and under CHRISTMAS.  When I get a new stamp- I immediately either stamp it or take a photocopy of the stamp set for my binder.

Notice the codes beside each stamp set.  I store stamps in three different ways.  A large rubber maid tote stores my Stampin' Up clear mount stamp sets.  I have two of those so I label them bin 1 and bin 2.    I also store odd and end clear stamps in my Tim Holtz binders. 

I love these binders.  They zip completely up so they are great to take to crops.  I have each binder labeled so I can find them easily. 

I store wood mounted stamp sets in photo organizers.  I saw this idea online and really didn't think wood stamps would fit in these...they do!!!! 

I don't buy a lot of wood stamps only because I don't have the storage room. But these stamps are some of my older stamps. 

This system works well for me.  I get out my binder and look up my stamp or find a stamp that will work for my project and immediately I am able to find my stamp!!!  Less time hunting and more time creating!  Organize it helps you create!!!


  1. I love your blog!! We are very similar in our orginazation!! Just became a follower(:

  2. Great organization ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love your idea for stamp organizing. I have a large collection and often forget where I keep them. This is a GREAT idea and I will have to do this! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow..... really great organization ideas!!
    Thanks for hare......:-)

  5. Where do you get those great photo storage units? I think I have found the answer to my wood mount storage problem!!!!

  6. The plastic storage bins are photo storage (4X6) photos fit in the smaller boxes. I bought these all together including the smaller boxes at Hobby Lobby. I would think Michaels or AC Moores would carry something similar as well. Hope this helps!


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