Tuesday, July 31, 2012

One Page Layout or Two Pagers???


The question always comes up, should I do a one page layout or a two page layout in my scrap album?  My answer is easy.....do what the pictures tell you to do!!!!  What the heck does that mean???  Well, if I have a layout that has a bunch of pictures that are all part of the story I want to tell with the layout, a two page layout works best for me.  Does every picture help tell the story or add to the story of your layout?  If you left one of the photos out, would you still have the same story you want to share with your layout?  If the answer is that you need all of the pictures in your layout, consider a two page layout.

Two page layouts give you more room to display your photos, all your photos you want for your layout.  If you have less photos that you need or only want to highlight a photo that you love, a one page layout works well for that!!!

I enjoy using one page layouts to show off a photo that I love.  It is also a great way to use my 5X7 or 8X10 photos!!!!  Go with the flow!!! Scrapbooking is supposed to be fun....so don't get weighed down on "what you should do" and let it work for you!!!!  There are no rules to scrapbooking!!!!!


  1. 1 or 2............the beauty is we don't have to choose. I love doing both when the occasion calls for it!! I find 1 page easier, but still do 2 pagers when I have a lot of photos!! Love your layouts!!

  2. Thanks Lydia!!!! I agree!! I do more one page layouts but I think I am probably more pleased with my two pagers because they are "harder" to do in a sense. Thanks for your comment!!!

  3. i am the same, i do whatever the pictures tell me to do hahahah yep they talk to me but you get what i mean LOL. I rarely do double layouts but only because I am in love with printing different size photos lately and often put lots of little pics onto a single page. depends what i feel like too. BTW love your layouts especially love your stitched grid xx

  4. I also let the pictures talk to me, lol. I have done both one and two page LO's.


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