Friday, October 18, 2013

Freaky Friday!!!!! Make your own Glue Dots for a LOT less!!!!

It's Freaky Friday!!!  What is Freaky Friday?  Things get crazy and mixed up!!!  So I am mixing it up today with a little post that I did a while ago that has gotten tons of visits- a GREAT money saving tip- Making your own glue dots!

I love to craft.  Second to that, I love to save money! This next tip/ tutorial combines both of those!!!!  What could be better??  Crafting for less?!!!! Count me IN!!!!!  Now, just because it cost less, does NOT mean it is less in quality.  These glue dots work the same if not BETTER in my opinion!!!!! here is what you need:

You need some Aleene's Tack-It-Over & Over glue.  You can find this in Michaels or most craft stores.  One bottle goes a long way!!!  You can also use TIO&O on any of your unmounted stamps.  Put a thin coat of it on the back of the rubber, let like a charm! Your bare rubbered stamps will now stick to your clear blocks with nothing else needed.   I love TIO&O!  It is a MUST in your crafting supplies.  The next thing you need are labels...well technically, you only need the backing.  Address labels work great (that's what these are- Avery address labels) also self laminating sheet backing works.  Do not use wax paper- it is not coated enough.  Some regular sticker backings work...some do not.  Test with two or three glue dots...if the glue dots should remove easily from the backing.  You can use the backing off of a box of regular store bought glue dots but I find the strips annoying so I don't use them.   You can also use the backing from the Stampin' Up dimensionals!  Recycling at its best!!!  If using address labels, you will need to remove the rings around the labels (what is left on the backing when you take the labels off).

For the next step, you want to fold your backing sheet in half.  Glue dots are only going to go on ONE side of the sheet....that way you have a side to fold over and protect your glue dots until you are ready to use them.  I fold each paper in half rather than using a two whole sheets together because it is hard to line up the sheet, folding over works every time.  Sorry about the shadows in my pictures- you have to put the sheet on a flat surface and keep it there until dry so the back of my counter doesn't get good light...hence the shadows!!  Now, take your Aleene's and dab dots onto your backing...keeping them to one side of the MUST fold over to protect the dots....they are STICKY when dry!!  Make your dots big...make your dots small (great for small strips)..make lines..whatever you think you will need for your project!  Don't fret if the lines aren't perfect, don't panic if two dots run together and make a bigger'll use it eventually!!!  It happens...just move on!

Fill up your sheet with your dots!!!

I am experimenting with bigger dots like Glubbers or Jumbo Sticky Rounds in the Stampin' Up catalog. I don't see why these won't work!!!  See...I experiment too!!!  I want to make some round ribbon embellies like on page 31 of the Stampin' Up Holiday catalog.  I'll see how it goes!!  (Since it is Freaky Friday update:  these do work, getting the glue to make a thin coat is the key!!!  I do find them harder to use than the Stampin' Up ones, so I am not sure if the big ones are really worth the hassle but you can make them!).

The hard part is over!!! Now you just let them dry!!!

This picture shows the dots drying.  I hope you can see it in the photo how the edges are turning clear. 

The big dots look funny drying but they are drying just fine.  You need to keep them flat and uncovered until dry (about 8 hours).  I normally make dots at night and they are ready in the morning.

When the dots are totally dry, they will be clear all the way through.  They are ready to be folded over to protect them until you are ready to use them!!!

I have used these dots for over two years.  They HOLD!!! When my boys want to craft, they use my homemade glue dots.  I don't sweat them wasting my tape runners!  I use them for my kids' school projects.  My son used these for his science fair board.  After his science fair, he wanted to save the board.  A year later, the board was still around here and I thought, Okay, time to tear this apart and save what I can off the board and throw it away. I wanted to remove some lettering he had made for his title....It would NOT come off the board!!!!  I LOVE THESE!!!!  Not only do they save you money but I think they work just as good if not better than normal glue dots!!

I reuse the label backings over and over.  When I empty one sheet, I put it over to the side to reapply my glue dots to it. 
I love money saving tips, it keeps more money in my buy stamps with!!!!!  :)
Now go glue dot something....with HOMEMADE glue dots!!!!
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  1. You are BLOODY BRILLIANT! Love the homemade glue dots! Thanks for sharing!

  2. this is so cool! thanks for the tip!

  3. Thanks for this tip, I'm going to try it!!

  4. This is fantastic.
    Thank you so much.

  5. I have been doing this for awhile now, they work perfect. I never buy glue dots anymore. Thanks for sharing this great tip.

  6. Love this idea! Off to go try it now! :) TYFS!

  7. Great tip!! I'm definitely going to do this!


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