Monday, July 30, 2012

Learn to love your "mistakes"!!!!

This layout is a perfect example of my next topic.  I love this layout.  I used up my calendar paper that I had forever.  It reminded me of school calendars so it was perfect for a field trip!!!  Plus I got to use my pumpkin pie Stampin' Up ribbon that I had been hoarding.....I mean....collecting!!!  :)  Perfect, right???  Well then it came time for the title and I didn't have any stickers that matched everything....what to do, what to do???  So I sprayed some thickers.  Perfect right???  Well....not so much.  I was in a hurry to get done and didn't wait for the letters to dry all the way, when I put them on the layout, one of the sides of the letter was not dry, and it smudged on my LO!!!  Now what??!!!!  As a scrapper, I think you have to embrace the mess!!!!!  My solution....take more of my spray ink and dab it on around the title and the journaling!!!!!!!  PERFECT!!!!    My "error" turned out to be what I loved about the layout the most!!!!  I think the ink splatters work so well since it is a school layout!!!  It adds interest and detail to the layout!  Perfect example of how YOU can LOVE YOUR MISTAKES too!!!!!! 

What was your biggest mistake on a layout or card???  How did you learn to love your mistake????  Leave me a comment and share your story!!!

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  1. I love your comment "embrace the mess"! And I love how your "error" turned out to be a great element of your LO.

    I am trying to think of a mistake I have made, but I got Friday Brain and all I can think about is "hurry up 5 c'clock", LOL.


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