Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How to start scrapbooking?

I get a lot of questions /comments of:
 "how do I get started? "
 "Where do I start?" 
 "What do I need to scrapbook?" 
 "I don't know how to begin!!"

The first thing I always say...is just start!!  Print those pictures you have and get started.  Wanna scrap your trip to the beach, some baby pictures, a birthday party, whatever you want to scrap....print those pictures and get started!!!!   Some must haves are : a paper cutter (you need to be able to cut your layers neatly).  Paper cutters are individual.  Ask 5 people what kind of paper cutter they use, and you will get five answers.  I am using a cheapo fiskars that I bought at one of the big box stores.  It works, it gets the job done.....I'm not thrilled with it.  BUT...Stampin' Up is supposed to be getting a new cutter.  It will be on my order as soon as it is available!!!! 
You need some adhesive.  That is a fancy way to say glue.  Liquid glue doesn't work well for photos!!!!!!  It warps them!!!  A dry glue runner is always best like this one: snail adhesive.  You can use liquid glue on embellies that you make such as flowers or lettering....but not on photos!!!  For liquid glue,  I use tombow. 
Now what to put those pictures on???  You need pretty paper!!!  And it is addicting!!!!  Mixing solids and patterns on top of patterns!!!!  I love it!!!!  White and Black solid paper is a must. Such as : white 12X12 cardstock   I will take a moment and give you my "don't do what I did" speech.  Yes, there are different qualities of paper.  You can go to any of the big box stores and buy white, black, blue or any color of paper you want.  BUT....those papers are not good quality.  You think "what does that matter?".  Lower quality paper doesn't not cut well.  It tends to tear or shred at the edges.  It rips easily.  When you put your pictures on it, it doesn't stand up with the extra weight making your LO flimsy.  If you have an electric cutter such as a cricut or another type of cutter- cheap paper is a TOTAL waste!!!  It will rip while cutting and it will rip when taking it off the mat. The colors are not a rich, they don't match, you can't mix and match as easily.  SKIP the cheap paper!!!  Good quality paper is a MUST!!!  You will actually save yourself money in the long run by buying better paper.  I have donated TONS of cheap paper to my sons' school.  Great for the school, bad for my wallet!!!!  Stampin' Up carries paper packs....neutrals , brights, subtles paper which make it VERY easy to pick up some great paper and try out different colors.  They also carry "PRETTY" papers such as International Bazaar or Storytime.  And many, many others...see the addiction??  Stampin' Up is also great at showing you in the catalog which paper colors match the PRETTY or designer papers as they are called.  I LOVE this feature.  Makes it so easy to get a good layout!!!  (oh and your finished page is called a Layout!!).
Those are the three main things...there are plenty other things you can use.  There are punches, stamps, embellishments, stickers, bling....ANYTHING can be used!!!  If you can think of it..use it!  I have used tags off of clothing!!! 
The star tag was off of a target shirt that I bought one of my sons!!  Used to make an embellishment!

Get creative!!!!  Mix it up!!!!  Find a sketch....start to copy the sketch to create your layout.  This is a great way to get a fancier layout started.  As you get better and more comfortable, you will find that you might not need a sketch or you might still use a sketch but it will end up looking NOTHING like the original sketch but the sketch got your juices flowing!  I still use sketches, sometimes as I starting point.  My LO (layouts) RARELY end up looking like the sketch, but I get started.  I might use ONE element on a sketch.  Pinterest has LOTS of sketches to try!!!!  I personally have a whole board of sketches!!!  sketch board (follow me!!!!)

There are no WRONGs in scrapbooking.  Some people like stickers.  I use them occasionally but I enjoy making my own embellies out of stamps or punches.  I love using up scraps on a LO.

Strips of paper can be a great embellie!!!  And uses up those scraps!!!  I like stickers for easy titles!  I sometimes cut them out with my cricut too!  I love spray ink which just add a pop!!! 

Most LO have a title and journaling.    A title is just a caption or title about the photo or describing the photo.  Some people are better at this than others.  I have a title about 85% of the time.  Sometimes, a LO just doesn't need a title.  Sometimes, the photo says it all.  Journaling can be a letter, a poem, a description of the photo, or just a simple Who? What? Where? and When?.  I will say, that I didn't think I needed to journal WHO on baby pictures...after three boys, whom ALL like alike, CRAP....I wished I had labeled those baby pictures better!!!!  LEARN from my mistake!!!!  AT LEAST PUT A WHO AND WHEN SOMEWHERE ON YOUR LAYOUT!!!!

12X12 or 8 1/2 X11 or 8x8?
There are different scrapbook layout sizes.  Which one is right for you?  Only time can tell.  I scrap in 12X12.  It is probably the most popular.  It gives you plenty of room for multiple photos on each page, and most paper packs are in 12X12 form.  I have never scrapped in 81/2X11 form so I can't really comment on it.  I don't see as many albums offered in this size.  8X8 is a fun size.  I don't scrap in it often and takes some for me to get used to.  I have scrapped a baby book in 8X8 form.  I had some pictures from when my third son was in the NICU.  (he was a 26 week old preemie).  I wanted to scrap those totally different than anything else since that was "HIS" time.  It was a great way to show off each precious picture!!!!  I have done 8x8 books for my boys, as a brag book so to speak for them to take to school and share with friends.  It is a fun size but you don't put many pictures on the pages...MAX of two works for me...and normally those 4X6s are trimmed down too!! 

One page Layouts or two page?
I find one page layouts to be quick and easy.  Two page layouts can include more photos though.  I let the number of photos that I like dictate the type of layout I do.

Okay, have a bored you enough or helped???  Leave me a comment and let me know how you started out scrapbooking or why you started!!!!


  1. I totally agree with everything you said.

    Quality cardstock is a must! Some of the cheaper cardstock has a white core. And that can totally screw up your LO or card or whatever you are making.

    If a beginning scrapper is intimidated, start small. Pick one picture, or two, and start there. Don't think you have to scrap every single picture. Do what feels right to you.

    Last but not least, have fun. If you are stressing over something, put it away for a few days, then come back to it.


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