Thursday, July 26, 2012

How do you order your paper from Stampin' Up?

This question has come up a lot on boards that I visit. "How do I begin my paper collection?". "How do I order my Stampin' Up paper?" . " I can't buy all the colors at once, where do I start?" Let me share what has worked for me.  I ordered the paper in family colors first.  It was a great way to try out different colors, colors that maybe I would have passed over before.  The paper family colors all work together so it is a great starting point.  As I used up the family colors, I made a note on my phone- of what colors I was running out of to place an order for those next time.  Recently, Stampin' Up changed some of their paper choices.  Not all colors are available to order by themselves right now in 12X12 size.  Not a big deal for card makers since all the colors are available in 81/2 X11 size, but it makes a difference for scrappers.  I have found that the colors I use the MOST are still available separately in 12X12 size.  I order them that way.  For colors that aren't available in 12X12 size, I order them in 81/2X11 size because I can still use them as layers and accents on my LOs! I am going to be cutting them up or using them for punches anyways so it still works for me!!!  :)  I love that the Designer paper will tell you what colors are used in the paper pack...makes ordering coordinating colors....easy as pie!!!  When I pick a designer pack that I LOVE,   I look at what colors coordinate with it, and make sure I either have it already, or I order at least TWO colors to match it!!  It gives me a lot of options to mix things up.  It gets easier and easier as your paper stash grows because you will already have most of the solid colors on hand.  Easy  to make your LO with coordinating colors!!!  I love matchy matchy!  I love things that coordinate and work together!  What are your favorite paper colors that you use over and over again!!!??? 
If I had to answer that....and it is hard because I truly love a lot of Stampin' Ups colors, it would be crumb cake.  It looks so good with so many different color combinations!  Leave me a comment and tell me what your favorite color is!!!!   


  1. Oh I'm not sure I can pick just one color. Lets see I use Cherry Cobbler alot. But my new favorite incolor has got to be summer starfruit. I wasn't sure when I got it but once I used it I was in LOVE. :)

  2. I agree with Crumb Cake. It goes with just about every color.

  3. Thanks so much. With just becoming a demonstrator this too was a question i have. I still have a lot of colors that are not SU but similar. But your way of buying seems to make a lot of sense. Thanks so much. Oh, and my favorite color? I would have to agree with you. I fell in love with Crumb cake when it came out and I too love that it goes with almost everything.


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