Sunday, July 15, 2012

Easy Bookmarks for kids

We have all seen the DOZENS of projects on pinterest with paint chips samples.  I have been brain storming for an upcoming workshop for 10-12 year olds.  We have two scrapbooking layouts to do, Christmas tags, and now we are going to do bookmarks.  Who doesn't need a bookmark?  Besides, school will be starting soon...the kids need to be reading!!!  LOL!!!  We started out our day at Crackle Barrel eating multi grain blackberry pancakes...YUM!!!  The boys convinced me to take the tiny syrup bottles to make a project out of them, so stay tuned later!  (I LOVE that my boys upcycle!!!).  Next stop was Lowes.  I needed paint chips...and lots of them!!!  I need them for our workshop bookmarks AND for a valentine's day project I have in mind! 
My paint chip stealers!!!!

We collected quite a bit of paint chips so I am good for awhile.  AND I bought well over $200 in merchandise so we "earned" the paint samples!! 

So I started on my bookmark project.  First job was to round the corners.

I picked out some Stampin Up stamp sets that would fit in the smaller space of the paint sample.  I chose the Every Little Bit stamp set.

I used the circle punch and scalloped circle punch to punch out the stamp.  I also punched a hole in the top to add ribbon.  Now I will stop here and talk about my OLD hole punch.  I have a Big Bite which punches holes in two sizes nicely and sets eyelets.  But I hate to drag it out.  Last week, my husband went to an auction and got a bunch of stuff.  In his auction stuff, there was this old hole punch.  He stuck it in my car for me!  I have to isn't pretty, it shows LOTS of wear.  But it works....each and every time I use it.  I LOVE this thing!  I love thinking of all the projects it was used on!!!!  RECYCLE!!!!  I have found new life for this hole punch!!!!

These are my finished project.  I think they are super cute for the kiddos!  Easy fun project to add to my upcoming workshop for the kids.  You can bling these up if you want or color in the images.    And to prove that the kids could do it, my seven year old, Owen did one too!!!

Owen picked the stamp and the colors he wanted to use!

While at Lowes, we picked up different types of paint samples.  This was another bookmark I made.

I used the Keep Calm Hostess set from Stampin' Up.  There are some legal issues going on with the Keep Calm phrase so it isn't available right now.  I hope they are able to work out the issues and it can be available once again.

I added a little bling to this one. Not sure if you can see it on the purse too.  Maybe good for the tween girls??? 
Hope you enjoyed this fun project!!!


  1. Would love to see the results of your workshop with the kids. I bet they will have some great looking bookmarks.

    I have a heat gun but not one generally used for crafts. My husband is letting me use the one out of his shop. Needless to say, it gets the job done. haha

    Legal issues? Wow, had no idea.

  2. Yes, there is something with the trademark issue with the Keep Calm phrase. Not sure how or exactly what is the trademark issue because there are lots of other Keep Calm stamps out there but that's why it isn't available at this time.
    The workshop is gonna include two scrapbooking layouts, general HOW TO BEGIN SCRAPPING things, bookmarks, using the big shot, and if we have time, Christmas tags! Oh and we are doing the LOVE card in the catty to use some spray inking.

  3. I hope you post about your workshop! I would like to do a workshop of some kind, probably cards.

    I googled the controversy and it goes back to the Second World War and involves Britain! Interesting.


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