Sunday, July 22, 2012

An iphone APP for your stash!!!

OMG!!!  Does anyone realize how wonderful I think this is!!!!!???  How many times have you been at the store, looking at craft items, wondering if you have bought the item before???  UGH!!!  Nothing worst than getting home with your newly purchase item to realize....yes, you thought it was fabulous before too and you already bought it.  :( 
The great people at Scrappypedia have created an iphone app for this!!!  There is a droid version in the works but no date for release YET!!!  You can still use the online version to track your stash, and use a webcam to scan in your barcodes. 
I am so excited over this!!!!  WAIT....I forgot the best's FREE!!!!  Yes, FREE!!!!

I have downloaded the app which was easy and didn't take 30 seconds.  You do have to log in with twitter or facebook.  I used twitter because I don't have as much personal information on twitter.  (I use twitter to follow celebs and news-more reading than posting really!). 
There are instructional videos on their site for more information how everything works.  I will be playing with my app tonight and write more later how everything worked out for me.  It gets RAVE reviews on forums. 

1 comment:

  1. They need to hurry up with the Droid version! I soooo could use this.


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