Monday, July 16, 2012

25 & Counting Stamp Set idea!

I know it is only July....but never to early to start those Christmas gifts!!!!

I wish I could say that I thought of this great project but I didn't. I went on a retreat and this project was offered as an add on that you could buy.  I can't remember the price but you got the paper and a 4X6 frame and you got the word December stamped already, and some directions....and since we were on a retreat, you got to use their stamps to make this set.  Before I went on the retreat, I bought the 25 & Counting Stamp set for my own use.  I knew that everyone would be working on this project and I didn't want to wait on the set.  I am so glad that I bought it!!!  When I came home, I kept looking at my project thinking about different colors I could use, different frames, different paper combinations.  The project was very easy to figure out, stamp each of the 25 & Counting days, and start to layer with punches.  I colored some of the stamps to make them pop.  You need the word December ( if you don't have a stamp that says it- you can print it off on your cardstock from your favorite font).  I went to a local store and picked up different frames (on sale or with a coupon) that caught my eye. You can use 4X6, 5X7 and even 8X10 frames!  No limits!!!! Use what you like!!!  I came home and began to create. I used different paper lines that I thought looked good with the frames.  I used circle punches, square, scalloped, ANYTHING you can think of to make the little "tags" for each day. Have fun with it!!!!  Not sure if you can see but they are small clothespins that are hot glued directly to the glass.  I put the decorative paper and the December word IN the frame (only the clothespin and the "tag" are on the outside of the frame). Have fun with it!!!  Bling it out!!!  Use ribbon, use sparkle....use anything YOU like!!!!    I used these as teachers' gifts at Christmas time.  I loved the count down to Christmas~!!!  My boys fight  over who is going to change the day!!!  Hope you enjoyed looking!!!

All the days of December.  Excuse the carpet behind the project-this picture was taken at the retreat!!!

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