Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Wantable Box Review April 2016

I recently started up my Wantable Box again.  I do enjoy this box because you get to pick the items you love (you get these items), you like (you'll get some of these items), and items you hate (they will not include any of these items in your box).  For example: I love eyeshadow, but don't use nail polish so I put LOVE to eye shadow, Hate for nail polish.  This way I don't end up with a bunch of items I will never use and not really try out.  After all, the point of this box and others like it, is to try out brands you haven't tried and even some cases haven't even heard of before.  

Each box comes with a list of items you got in your box.  Each box is packaged well and contains good padding, I've never gotten anything broken, so they do package the items well!

This was the first item I got.  It is Charcoal Honey Cleanser.  I will say, I had to get out the directions for this just because I wasn't sure.  I'm glad I did, you use this cleanser without water.  I used it last night, and I have to say, it is wonderful!  Now the scent is a little different, but not unpleasant and doesn't last long.  It looks weird because it comes out of the bottle kinda dark grey color (but goes on the skin clear).  It felt greasy as I was putting it on, keep in mind it contains raw honey.  You leave it on about a minute or two then wash it off with warm water.  It didn't feel greasy as I washed it off, it not leave a residue at all.  My skin felt great!  I really liked this one!  It took off my makeup (not sure it was supposed to but it did a good job).  Best of all, this product supports the bees, which are declining.  Overall, I loved this product!

Next item up was a makeup pencil sharpener.  Not exciting but very useful, this one does thick and think pencils.  I will get a lot of use out of it, and hope it stays sharpened for awhile.  Nothing worse than a sharper that hacks at your makeup pencils!

Next up was this blender brush.  I will use it to put on powder foundation.  I like the blue color.  Fun.

Next up was the Colorscience mineral eye shadow.  I liked the colors.  I wore them today and they did wear nicely: stayed on all day.  They blended well.  I would like to check out other palettes. they carry in this brand.  


Overall this was a good box.  The value of this box is $92, wantable is $40 per month.  Interested in getting a Wantable box to try:  https://www.wantable.com/?invite_token=6dhoThOBf78 .
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  1. Hehe the bees are declining. Such an Emily comment. Is the post missing a picture of the eyeshadow? Maybe my phone just didn't load it.

  2. Hi! I work for Valley Green Naturals and I'm so excited to hear that you liked the cleanser! That is my go-to cleanser now, as it's cleared up my very stubborn hormonal adult acne. Yay! Maybe next month you'll get one of our other products (Wantable has the cleanser you got, our Dead Sea Mineral Mud Mask and our day and night creams - all wonderful products)!

    1. I love the cleanser!!! Hoping I can try some more products!!! That's what I love about wantable....being able to try a product I've not heard of, and then fall in love with it!!!!!


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