Friday, April 15, 2016

Ipsy April 2016 Bag

My pretty pink Ipsy is here!!!

It's always good when an item can't fit in the bag!!!  First up, cute bag, fun print.  And a brush!  

I've never used this brand of brush before so I'll check it out, seems nice enough. Useful!

Next up was Skin & Co serum, anti-aging.  Now at 41, I always use lotion and some pretty good stuff! I'm not much of a serum person so I'll have to try this out and see what I think.  If not, I'll pass it on to someone else.

I always enjoy eye products.  This eyeshadow color is a good neutral which I have been wearing a ton of lately.  I am sure to use it.  I'm not really a matte eye shadow person so this has some shine to it that I think I'll like. 

Nail polish.  I'm under wowed because I don't use nail polish but it is a pretty color.  I just need to find a crafting use for nail polish.  I normally give it away and will certainly be passing on this bottle. 

Now I love Tarte makeup.  I even like their lipstick, but this shade is way to intense for me, I'll pass it on to my niece, she's good about finding uses for makeup!  

Overall, a good bag from Ipsy.  Ipsy is a monthly bag that you get for $10 with samples of beauty products.  I have enjoyed getting samples from companies that I have never heard about, and even ended up ordering some full size products after being wowed by an item! If you are interested in getting the Ipsy bag:

Thanks for stopping by!  

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